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    Creating Single PDF from multiple Form design and their XML data file on RUNTIME

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      I want to create a single pdf from multiple Form designs and their xml data file on runtime. I called Java Web services from .NET services. Is there anybody have recommendation? Is there any web services exist for this purpose? Normally I use FormDataIntegrationClient ImportData Web method for single file.


      Existing Behavior:


      Single Form Design (XDP)   ------------------>     |

                                                                        | ImportData WebMethod -----------------------------> Single PDF file at BLOB Format.

      Single XML Data File(XFA)  ------------------->     |



      What I want to do:


      Multiple Form Designs(XDPs)  ------------------>      |

                                                                             | XXXXXXX WebMethod -----------------------------> Single PDF file at BLOB Format.

      Multiple XML Data File(XFAs) ------------------->      |


      P.S. : Each XDP has its own matching XFA.


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