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    Suddenly getting "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" on certain sites.

    jcwacky1985 Level 1

      Problem Description

      I'm suddenly getting the message "Navigation to the webpage was  canceled" when trying to test certain sites in BrowserLab:  http://spdr.me/xBdc


      Here is a list of sites I'm having the problem with:


      Steps to Recreate

      1. Open the main BrowserLab interface.
      2. Enter http://demo.silverstripe.org as the site to test
      3. Click the Refresh Screenshots button


      • This happens every time, on the above sites.
      • I am using Firefox 4.0.1, on Mac OS X 10.6.7, but I don't believe this is a problem at my end.


      Expected Results

      I should see a screenshot of the site.


      Actual Results

      The screenshot just shows "Navigation to the webpage was  canceled":  http://spdr.me/xBdc Or when switching to Firefox, just a blank white screen.


      Further Information

      • The sites load fine when trying to access them in a web browser.
      • The thing all these sites have in common is that they use the SilverStripe Content Management system.
      • I have been using SilverStripe on my sites for over a year, and have  never had this problem with BrowserLab until the last week or so.

      • Other websites such as microsoft.com and bbc.co.uk load fine.