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    MPEG and other export formats not available

    gubrist Level 1

      I am using Premiere Elements 7.0, full version.


      According to the official help, the following export formats are (...or: should be...) available:

      Adobe® Flash® Video (.flv)
      FilmStrip (.flm)
      Microsoft AVI (.avi)
      Microsoft DV AVI (.avi)
      MPEG-1 (Multimedia-kompatibel)
      MPEG-1 (VCD- und SVCD-kompatibel)
      MPEG-2 (Multimedia-kompatibel, .mpg)
      MPEG-2 (DVD‑kompatibel, .mpg)
      MPEG-2 (HDV .m2ts und .m2t: 1080i 25, 1080i 30, 720p 25, 720p 30)
      MPEG-4 (.mp4, .mov, .avi)
      QuickTime (.mov)
      Windows Media (.wmv)


      Howver, I can only find a few of them (eg. MPEG are all missing):