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    Premiere Pro 4 File Won't Open

    RobertLane64 Level 1

      Hi all


      I have an adobe premiere pro file that won't open. When I double click on it, the load project bar gets to about four fiths of the way, then it just stops. The last time I saved the file, I saved it to my computer, then I saved it to a portable hard drive to back it up (around four minutes later). Both versions of the file won't open. The previous file will open, but I have done 30 hours more work since then (on the new file). I thought it was enough to be saving every few minutes, saving back ups to a portable hard drive... I also have a raid 1 configuration! I was never expecting this. When I leave the Premiere Pro on the Load Project screen, it stays there for hours.


      If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >30 hours more work since then (on the new file)


          Did you try the autosave project files?

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Try opening PP first, then use the interface to open the project.  Also try opening other projects.  Also try creating a new project, and importing the problem project into it.


            Report back all results.

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              RobertLane64 Level 1

              Hi John


              Thanks for getting back to me. I just looked in autosave. The file that won't open was last saved at 11:02pm on the 16th. There was an autosave project at 10.25pm on the 16th, and that wouldn't open either (it crashes at exactly the same place as the other one). However, there was an autosave file at 6:17pm on the 16th that would open. Curious though, it doesn't seem to have a lot of the changes I thought I had made by this time. It seems to be earlier than this (although perhaps my memory isn't serving me correctly). Should there be more autosaves that this? I had the program open pretty much that whole time, and nothing between 6:17 and 10:25.


              Anyway, that's a start! Something must have happened between 6.17pm and 10.25pm that'd made the file go kaput. I would love to know what, so I can avoid this happening again. First things first though, it'd be fantastic to get the file that isn't opening working.


              Thanks for your swift response too, Jim. I opened PP and tried to open the file from the interface. The load project bar stopped at the same place. I can open other projects fine. As to your last suggestion, I created a new project, and went to File/Import then clicked on the file in question. It started importing, then the progress bar froze at exactly the same place. I'm not sure if I did this correctly. Is there another way to import a PP file into an existing PP?


              Thanks again for your time. It's just nice to speak to someone about this because I really freaked out when it happened.