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    Need help regarding the "building a photo album with the spry framework"

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      To whom it may concern,


      Need help regarding the "building a photo album with the spry framework" tutorial that was created February 15 2007, in Dreamweaver CS3. Though, I am using Dreamweaver CS4, to do the design and thus far, it worked for me. The only problem I have is that after I moved the design from the sample folder to another folder in my web wwwroot directory, I lost the src path to the thumbnail folder to the fact when I tested on the browser I was unable to see the thumbs, though, the thumbnails still links and or points to the main and show the image also on the main.


      Where can I find the src path, so I could fix the problem?


      I also will like to allow visitors uploading images to the folder to be able chose and add their own image name as they wish, because this design does not allow deferent image names.


      1. Where can I make this change?


      And I would like to see the design move from one page to next and with the possibility of visitors returning to previous page at their own free will. For these reasons;

      1. How can I add repeat region as we do in SQL table to this spry data on this dsGallery?