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    How does one clean ones cache in FlashBuilder?

    DHMerritt Level 1

      I am working on a project. Everthing was working fine... except I started to realise that things were doing things it is not supposed e.g. If I add a button (a simple button). During run time it does not appear. I then started deleting code to create a run time error but during run time the project works 100%. The net result is, I cannot do anything to the project because the outcome is always the same??????????


      How does one clean ones cache?


      Can somebody please advise me?



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          I find a similar problem going to 4.5 from 4.0 - it used to be that clicking "run" or "debug" would use the very latest additions to the code, now I find sometimes I have to run it twice to get the changes in the code to appear, or first do a save and wait till it is saved, as the run or debug seems to gallop ahead of the process of saving/checking the latest changes.

          It is a bit different to your behaviour, though.

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            Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

            Caches are flushed when you do Project -> Clean.


            Does turning Project -> "Build automatically" off and using Project -> Build manually fix your issue?


            Are you using a lot of modules? Would it be possible to share your project?


            Note: A common scenario when changes are not seen in output is when your class/MXML file is not being used by any of the applications of modules in the project (library projects are not affected by this). In that case, the compiler will ignore the file making it seem like it hasn't picked up your changes.



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              DHMerritt Level 1

              Thank you for your responses.


              There are no extra modules. I cleaned the cache as both of you have recomended but still it did not work. I eventually restarted the project from start.... and it works. Sorry Anirudh I did not read your reply until now i.e. I did not do the "Build automatically" thang.


              So it is working now. Thank you! Thank you to both of you.



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                AdanSR Level 1

                I'm having this same problem now, and I didn't manage to solve it, even changing workspace and etc...
                But, in fact, my project has a lot of modules and images, because this is a 2.5D mmorpg game...
                What I need to do to solve this problem? There is some configuration for big projects with several modules?


                I checked to "Build Automatically"... But even after building, my changes aren't applied, my SWF isn't changing its file size compared to the previous one, even when I  add or change internal images (embed) to/from my project. The only thing that changes is the creation date of the file, nothing more.


                I've tried everything, all kinds of "solutions" that I found in the internet and forums, but nothing works. I tried to clean my project, clean my browser cache, reinstall my program, rebuild my workspace... But nothing works. The old code always remains there.