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    SCORM 1.2 and Saba - Reporting a 0 Score for Track Slide views

    Eric Fields

      Good morning,


      We have just transitioned over to our new LMS, Saba.  To say the transition has been rocky would be an understatement.   So, here is what I am dealing with:


      I have a very basic reader course where I want to grant someone credit once they have viewed all slides.  I am using SCORM 1.2 and setting either "User Access Only" or "Slide Views Only."  If I use slide views, I set it to 1, it sends a 0 score to the LMS, even if the user views all slides.  I have been able to create a fix by assigning a point value to a click box or button at the screen where I want the user to get credit.  However, this does not seem to be what was intended.


      Below are screen shots of my publishing commands, Saba screens, and communication report between Saba and CP.




      Content Communication Log with Saba

      Content Communication Log
      July 14, 2011 5:34:43 AM PDT
      Command Received = LMSInitialize
      Content Item: Super_Instructor_Role
      July 14, 2011 5:34:43 AM PDT Response data (Data sent by Saba LMS to content) =
      cmi.core.student_id = EEFIELDS1
      cmi.core.student_name = Fields, Eric 
      cmi.core.credit = credit
      cmi.core.entry = ab-initio
      cmi.core.lesson_mode = normal
      cmi.launch_data = 
      cmi.suspend_data = 
      cmi.core.lesson_location = 
      cmi.core.lesson_status = not attempted
      cmi.core.score.raw = 
      cmi.core.score.min = 
      cmi.core.score.max = 
      cmi.core.total_time = 00:00:00
      cmi.comments = 
      cmi.comments_from_lms = 
      cmi.student_data.mastery_score = 
      cmi.student_data.max_time_allowed = 
      cmi.student_data.time_limit_action = exit,message
      cmi.student_preference.audio = 0
      cmi.student_preference.text = 
      cmi.student_preference.language = 0
      cmi.student_preference.speed = 0
      July 14, 2011 5:34:45 AM PDT
      Command Received = LMSCommit
      Data sent by content to Saba LMS:
      cmi.core.lesson_status = completed
      cmi.core.lesson_location = 0
      cmi.core.exit = 
      cmi.core.score.raw = 0
      cmi.core.score.max = 0
      cmi.core.score.min = 0
      cmi.core.session_time = 00:00:01
      cmi.suspend_data = A1Enone%24nP000AA000AA
      cmi.student_preference.audio = 0
      cmi.student_preference.language = 0
      cmi.student_preference.speed = 0
      cmi.student_preference.text = 0
      cmi.comments = 
      July 14, 2011 5:34:45 AM PDT Response data =
      July 14, 2011 5:34:59 AM PDT
      Command Received = LMSFinish
      Data sent by content to Saba LMS at the time of exit:
      July 14, 2011 5:34:59 AM PDT Response data =

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




      Eric Fields

      Sr. eLearning Consultant

      Coventry Health Care

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would suggest you try using Percent instead of Score, and set the Slide View completion percentage to 100 instead of 1.


          Change Reporting Level to Score instead of Interactions and Score.


          You haven't shown the screen for Quiz > Pass or Fail settings, but you need to set the passing percentage there to 100% as well if you intend that the learner must view every single slide.


          Bear in mind that when using slide views, if you have any navigation buttons on the slides that are set to jump to the next slide when clicked, then the learner does not get a completion mark for those slides.  In Captivate you have to watch a slide all the way to the last frame in order to get it marked as completed.  If for some reason you need to get slides marked as completed despite not being viewed (e.g. when using branching) then you can use our TickTOC widget to gain credit for those slides that are missed or not watched to the end.



          If you suspect that not all slides will be viewed, you can adjust the Pass/Fail percentage to something less than 100% to allow for the missed ones.



          Try these changes and see if it works.


          Once you DO find the settings that allow Captivate to work with SABA I would be very interested to know what they were.  I've got a page on my website where I want to show the Captivate config settings for SABA: http://www.infosemantics.com.au/lms_guide/saba  I don't have access to this LMS myself, but perhaps you or other SABA users on this forum can contribute information to make it easier for others to work with it.

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            Eric Fields Level 1



            Sorry, I have not had a chance to respond.  I tried your suggestions and it does not seem to be making a difference.  I do however, succeed by making one click box as reportable and giving it a score as one.  That seems to me like that is a workaround but did the trick. I am going to keep experimenting and I will let you now so you can updated your site.




            Eric Fields

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              OK.  I've added that information to my web page.  I look forward to any further info you can provide for my SABA page.

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                I posted this in another thread as well. Hope this helps somebody.


                Hi there,


                We are just implemeting Saba right now and testing on our captivate projects. I thought someone out there might find this information useful.


                I am using Captivate 5. My courses usually don't have quiz questions. I do have a lot of non scored interactions so I don't want to use page views as an indication of successful completer as I could run into problems. Instead I place a button on the last page. In the reporting tab for the button I check off "Include in Quiz", "Add to Total" and "Report Answers". I also check the "advanced interactions" in the project menu to ensure no other interactions are set to score.


                I then go to Preferences, and the Reporting section. I enable reporting for the project. Chose Standard, SCORM, Complete/Incomplete, Percent, Quiz results only, Report Score. The important thing is I learned is to turn off bookmarking or I run into problems. Go into LMS Customization and check "never send resume data".


                It's maddening, but Saba does not work well when you use bookmarking. We were able to get the course to succesfully complete and go to transcript when book marking was on... as long as the user did not fast forward to the 1.5 seconds after the scored button. IF they did that, the course would never report sucessful and move to transcript.  No matter how many times you open the course and click thaat darn button. Very frustrating. And even if I moved the button's pause to right at the end, there's always a little bit of time left on the timeline that the user could advance to, and then... failure. I could not find a fix for this other than turning the bookmarking off. Granted, not many users would do this, but for the ones that do, they would need the administrator to set up the course again for them. Big hassle.


                Since then I've read 2 other posts saying the same thing-- bookmarking in Captivate + Saba = BAD


                I hope this helps someone out there! And if anyone has come across this issue and found a fix, post it here!

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                  salvador_sorianojr Level 1



                  You might wan't to see this link, I have tried it with Captivate 3 and 4, and it indeed worked.

                  Worth trying for Captivate 5.