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    Large size PDF produced even with low settings


      I use InDesign CS4 6.0.6 with Mac Os 10.6.7.


      When I want to export to PDF, large files are produced whatever the settings are. The page contains only text and the PDF weights 5 Mb.


      I copied the layout to another document and the file size of the exported PDF is 376 kb.


      I tried to export the document via Inx format and re import it in CS4 : no change.


      I resetted the Preferences files : no change.


      I installed the demo version of 5.5 : no change.


      I tried to modify the preset with very low requirements (72 dpi for the images) : no change.


      It seems that Indesign does not take into account the PDF options I modify.


      I had no problem with this previously.


      I don't want to use Distiller since it gives me more work.


      Any ideas appreciated