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    AIR > iOS Adhoc distribution

    markc888 Level 2

      Has anyone out there recently and successfully managed to deploy an AIR>iOS app using the adhoc distribution method?


      I've been trying for hours but despite everything I keep getting the following alert:


      The app "" was not installed on the iPad "" because the entitlements are not valid.



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          Mark.Raykhenberg Level 3

          Your app ID is probably wrong. Check to see what it on the Apple Developer site. Everytime you save a new version of your FLA document flash resets the app ID to your file name instead of the one you input in the iOS settings. At least that was what happens to me almost everytime.

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            markc888 Level 2

            Thanks for your reply


            I do have a slight mismatch from what is dynamically added as the appID (com.domain.Appname) within the iOS publish settings panel and what is on the provisioning portal




            Am I correct in thinking that I shouldn't be including the apple seed prefix in the iOS publish settings panel?

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              Mark.Raykhenberg Level 3

              Yeah knock off the HK3LM323KH part that might solve your problem.

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                markc888 Level 2

                OK, I've managed to get this working. Unfortunately I can't pinpoint the exact reason it wasn't working but I ended up:


                Removing all provisioning profiles from iTunes and the iPad.

                Revolking both Developer and Distribution certificates in the Dev Centre and then re-issuing them. (followed instructions on lynda.com Bill W)

                Downloading both certificates and installing into the KeyChain.

                Creating new provisioning profiles for development and adhoc distribution, ensuring all devices have been added to it, download and install to iTunes and sync with iPad.

                Create a new p.12 certificate using the new developer certificate. (followed instructions on lynda.com Todd Perkins)

                Set the iOS publishing settings in Flash to use the new p.12 cert and adhoc provisioning profile.

                Publish the ipa file.

                Drag the ipa file into iTunes

                Sync the iPad.


                If you don't get the alert you've struck GOLD!


                Relief!!! Going for long lie down now!