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    Wordpress or Joomla???

    icaribou Level 1

      Which CMS do you suggest to your clients and why? I use Wordpress for people who just want a website to write on and Joomla for more serious clients. What do you guys use? Is Joomla a good CMS. I know some people like Drupal but what does it do that Joomla doesnt?

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          I can understand why someone would choose WP for a smaller site and it's probably a little easier to administrate than Joomla.

          But i've always preferred Joomla to WP or other CMS, mostly because i've used it more.

          But Joomla 1.5 is very good, there's a lot of great free and commercial extensions available, pretty steap learning curve for an administrator though.

          And the up coming Joomla 1.6 later this year will take Joomla even further and make it even better, i've tested the developer version of it and it is great.

          Some like Drupal and from what i've seen it really looks good to... i just don't wanna learn yet another system

          I don't think there's a "best one" of them all.... they are proably very good in their own way and suites different people and purposes.


          Today i upgraded DW CS3 to CS5 and tested it with Joomla 1.5 from a local web server (OS X 10.6/MAMP) and i love it

          It will allow me to edit and make custom Joomla templates which would have been very hard without the new CS5 for me.

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            icaribou Level 1

            I am using WP for basic clients that just want to have a blog or post simple

            stuff. I tend to use Joomla for more detailed sites that required hard



            I was just wondering what others use out there?

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              hi, I hope you can answer my WP question.  I have DW CS4 and have been using that to build websites.  Recently i thought I would see what wordpress is all about.  I want to use some WP themes but dont need blogs just want to use for small business websites.  How do you use Dreamweaver with wp?

              WP is all PHP code and I just want html code.  How do I get the wp theme that i want to use into dreamweaver? I haven't found any help on WP forums.


              Thanks for any help you can provide me.



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                I am using Wordpress from Long.. Its better and Very User friendly then other Bloggging sites...


                If you just wana try the Features You can use the Free Wordpress blog and Play as you like to...


                I have my own blog and website and I am earning from it... ( With help of Google Adsense)


                You can make your website simpler or Attractive .. Its upto your own wish...




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                  David_Powers Level 7

                  carbiz wrote:


                  WP is all PHP code and I just want html code.  How do I get the wp theme that i want to use into dreamweaver?

                  If all you want is HTML code, WordPress is not for you. WordPress is a database-driven content management system that relies on PHP to generate the pages and communicate with the database.


                  Dreamweaver CS5 supports development with WordPress, allowing you to style the pages with CSS in Live View. But if you want to make more complex changes to the structure, you need to be able to edit the PHP code. If you're not willing to learn at least some PHP, you should probably forget about WordPress.

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                    Mardenweb Level 1

                    Hi David,

                    Thanks for the response.  I'm willing to learn some PHP and I would like to know

                    how do i get the WP Theme i like into DWCS4 to edit the files?

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                      Paevo Kelley Level 2

                      This is a good book on Wordpress that explores how tinkering with the PHP can produces interesting results.



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                        David_Powers Level 7

                        carbiz wrote:


                        how do i get the WP Theme i like into DWCS4 to edit the files?

                        Dreamweaver CS4 does not have any support for WordPress. The usual approach is to launch WordPress in your browser, and save the page as HTML. You can then view the static page in Dreamweaver, and use the CSS Styles panel and other features to adjust the styles in your style sheet.

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                          Mardenweb Level 1


                          Thanks so much.  I will give that a try.



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                            We use wordpress for 90% of our clients.


                            For very simple sites like this http://aqcell.com we just use HTML.


                            In my experience it's faster to get a site running with the required extentions and brief the client how to use and update the new site.

                            You can check our own sites in Wordpress here:




                            Most is "handcoded" but we are browsing for DW extentions to make the job easyer if possible.


                            A client of us are on Joomla; http://go-diva.dk/ the site works fine, but it's more difficult for the client to manage the site e.g. create a new menu point.


                            From a seo point you need to do more work with a joomla site - at least from my experience.


                            Would be interesting to hear more input.

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                              icaribou Level 1

                              I use Wordpress mostly because of the community and there is a lot of plugin that you can "steal" so you dont have re-write something that is already out there.

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                                When i was searching for the most suitable CMS to my buisness, Google search results made me choose Wordpress but after while i found Joomla too. now i want to share my experience with you; if you want to put many modules, extensions and plugins to increase the number of services which you present to customers then Joomla is the best CMS. But if you want a good look website without too many functions and modules and you have no idea about CSS, PHP, HTML, ASP and JAVA then Wordpress is the best.


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                                  We use Wordpress because it is very manageable in a/our (large) multi-site nework. I have no experience with Joomla, but am very satisfied with WP.

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                                    icaribou Level 1

                                    I use Wordpress because Joomla is too hard to do some things in for the clients who some times are idiots to technology!

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                                      osgood_ Level 8

                                      polynesiamedia wrote:


                                      I use Wordpress because Joomla is too hard to do some things in for the clients who some times are idiots to technology!


                                      Take a look at concrete5.5. I've never gotten on with Wordpress to be honest but with Concrete5.5 moving a static html site over was a breeeze. It has intuitive in-context page editing which Wordpress does not have. I just found the whole experience better than many other CMS's I've tested over the last few months.

                                      Problem with Wordpress, although its well documented, most of the documentation that you can find on the web is out of date and quite frankly useless. It's very badly written as we'll.

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                                        Emad Ram

                                        How can we determine which one is best without knowing what it needs to do? For simple blog, my vote goes to WordPress. If its membership site or at least a company CMS, I go for Drupal. Drupal is great for almost everyone with better technical knowledge. You create better systems with Drupal whereas WP is good for simple stuffs.

                                        There are some resources helping you have a right choice when choosing your needed CMS.  See a comparison chart of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal on

                                        There is also a short article at


                                        And you can find Pros and Cons of any of these programs on


                                        You can also use demo account of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal via their official websites to see one of them is proper for you. My favorite program is Joomla. Joomla allows you to build a site with more content and structure flexibility than WordPress offers, but still with fairly easy, intuitive usage.