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    FMLE Audio Help!!! Blue Snowball and stereo mix!


      Ok so i have 2 major problems and i'm basically willing to do anything to help solve them. I mean ANYTHING, You name it, ill go buy a satellite truck if i have too, because this stuff is driving me crazy.


      Ok my 2 main problems....


      1. Blue snowball microphone USB, I have a blue snowball mic. The problem is, It's a quiet microphone. Very very quiet, I have one of the new version which apparently is suppose to be louder, but its still to soft for my stream. Thing's i've tried to make the mic louder.


      Increased the volume to maxed in Volume widget bottom right -> Properties -> Mixer device -> Blue Snowball -> Volume maxed


      Also since it's a USB microphone mic boost in my HD Audio deck does not affect i, What i'm looking for is 3rd party software or drives or anythign to make it louder.


      2. Virtual Audio Cables. They work and then they don't. I usually use this program so i can stream both my microphone and my computer audio at the same time since i run a starcraft 2 stream. The big problem with this program is the audio repeater, Sometimes it will have overflows which will causes crackling, muffled, poping sounds which is completely random even with the exact same setting you will use before it will mess up on you. Pretty much it's software made by the devil himself and i hate it. Which means i would love to know any type of software or hardware i can use to mix my USB microphone with my computer audio so my viewers can hear both at the same time.


      Alright thank you in advance and please please please reply if you can help me, This has seriously been a nightmare for me.


      Useful info


      Windows XP Pro SP3

      Radeon HD 6850

      AMD X6 II 1090T

      4 Gigs Ram

      Blue Snowball Microphone

      Direct x 9.0c


      VIA HD Audio

      Package version 6.60 c.VIA

      Driver Version

      Codec Type VT1708S

      Driver Provider: VIA Technologies, INC.

      OS Version: Windows XP Professional

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          Simple solution...get rid of the USB and go old school.  Get yourself a small Macki mixer wtih XLR style of mics.  Even more down n dirty is to purchase a SHURE 4 Channel Mic/Line mixer that has XLR, RCA input/output.  Output to a good quality PCI-e audio card and voila...everything you need a more.

          Sat Trucks are expensive!!!


          The above works!  We do this all the time.



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            Lockon99 Level 1

            Hey thanks a lot of your response kookycanuck, I was wondering about your audio suggestion.


            1. What microphone would you buy, I'm looking for a mid-high quality mic, Someting that will have a clear voice when you speak into it.


            2. A microphone that can be adjustable where you can speak and it will pick up your voice even if it is 2 feet away from your mouth, Currently my Blue snowball mic i need my lips to be on the microphone. It rests on my desk around 2 feet away from my mouth and can hardly pick up anything i say.


            3. I have a a dolby digitial 5.1 surround sound set-up. So i would need to plug that into the mixer.



            http://reviews.logitech.com/7061/224/logitech-z-5500-digital-5-1-speaker-system-reviews/re views.htm


            Headphones (can wear headphones while i stream so audio isn't picked up through my mic






            Virtual Audio Cables


            VIA HD Audio

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              kookycanuck Level 1

              Glad to help.  For simple mic that you can "gain" using mixer would be a Shure SM58   These are standard mics used in AV world wide.  When you use the Shure 4 channel mixer, it will ONLY input Mono ---so if you are taking this feed into FMLE with SM58 ...it will be MONO.  Good luck.  KC

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                Burnin Sven Level 1

                A shure sm 58 is a good mic for sure but its a dynamic mic and if you wanna have a mic sitting a  couple of feet a way on your desktop Im not sure its gonna pick up sound better than the one you already have. Ofcourse a mixer that you hook it up to that allows you to increase gain might help but still its a mic built to be held/positioned pretty close to the soundsource. A micstand that allows you to position it closer would fix that problem though. And Im pretty sure you still wound need virtual cable or something like it if you wanna talk over your game. Im not sure though cause Im on mac but I guess youre still gonna need to mix the two soundsources and adjust soundlevels for them.


                If you wanna have your mic as you say you have it now you need a condencer mic which is more powerful compared to a dynamic mic, and a pretty ok condencer mic is about the same price as the sm 58. You still need the mixer for both though and the condencer mic need phantom power so you need to make sure the mixer have that option.


                If youre tired of software like virtual cable Im not sure there is any other solution but to check out wirecast which have its own sound routing abilities built in. Its not free though and in my mind very expensive but it works so .... They have a demo check it out if you cant find any other solution.


                I should be possible to do what you want with what you have though but who knows maby a usb mic is harder/buggier to route in and mix with the game sound for virtual cable but that the line in port would work. Theres no way know that but to test Im afraid. It might be your soundcard have some restriction so thats why it doesnt work or that your os wont let it work like it should. Easiest would be to try with another soundcard or even computer I guess.

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                  Lockon99 Level 1

                  Yea, I'm going need a mic that can input stereo 4 SHURE Right now my broadcast is in stereo and i'm looking to have a very good audio source to go a long with it, If im going spend the money i wanna spend it in the right place the first time, Already  made a huge mistake with this blue snowball lol. Also if it's true that even after the mixer i'll still need to use virtual audio cables then all is for nothing. The whole point is to stream in stereo with my PC Audio and 1 Microphone.


                  Thanks a lot for you help so far guys, most helpful forum i've been too so far.