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    Multiple INDeisgn coververion to Acrobat

    Brenda VT Labor Level 1

      I have 21 letters that are done in InDesign (CS4) that are all pretty much the same with different content. My goal is getting them all into PDF formatt and then creating the fillable address, date etc in Acrobat.


      I called all of them up at once by accidnet and now I can't remember how I did it or what I did but the end result was all 21 files as a single PDF wiht pretyt much one click of the mouse!


      I can't rememebr if I exported out all 21 single files from InDesign (each file is seperate for internal reasons) to combne them into on big PDF in Acrobat (where I then place the same fields on all pages automatically) or if I imported all 21 files at once  into Acrobat. Confused yet?


      Basically I am trying to avoid opening each of teh 21 files seperatly and making the fillable PDF's individually. Eespecially when I know I somehow did this as a 21 file chunk before...