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    Dynamic Link. Best practices for tranferring 'heavy' AE comps to PrPro

    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

      Every time struggling with transferring 'heavy' AE compositions to PrPro.

      The last one:

      Master AE comp, which introduces the following movie (3D vanishing point, about 55 seconds long), simulates multicam shot and contains 9 subcomps for different route sections. Every subcomp includes up to 20 light sources.

      Render time while exporting the finished Master comp into lossless format is about 9 hours.

      Preview render time for the same Dynamically Linked Master comp in PrPro is about 102 hours...


      Any thoughts?



      Windows 7 x64

      CPU Intel Core i7 920 2.67 Hz

      RAM DDR3 18 Gb

      GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

      HDD: C:\ 1 TB WD Caviar Green; D:\ 1 TB WD Caviar Green; E:\ 2 TB WD Caviar Green (no RAIDs)

      RAM shared by AE, PrPro, AME - 15 Gb

      Default Cash and Scratch disk settings


      CPU usage while exporting AE Master comp into lossless format is about 25%

      CPU usage while rendering preview in PrPro is about 11%...