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    Cannot Open Print Setup in Photoshop CS5


      I am using an iMac and an Epson 3800 printer.  After opeining the Print page in Photoshop CS5, I am unable to open the "Print Setup" page when I click the "Print Setup" button.  The Print button is already blue when I open the page and when I click "Print Setup", the "Print Setup" button temporarily turns blue and the Print button grays out, but "Print Setup" page never opens.  When I unclick the mouse, the Print button turns blue again and always runs the printer if I click it.   I am able to make prints in this manner, but I cannot make any adjustments at all.  Prior to attempting to print, I did an update of Apple's Epson Print software, and got an error message saying that the software could not access something about my "library".  I did not write down the error message  as the updater told me that updating was complete. I have no problem with my laprop accessing the "Print Setup" page.  Even after updateing the same Apple Epron Print software on it.  I did not have this problem on my iMac when I was printing back in January.  I deleted adn reinstalled teh Epson print driver, did some additional updates from teh Epson site, and still no luck.  I deactivated, uninstalled, and reinstalled my Photoshop CS% software aand again no luck. Has anayone else run into this problem and have any advice how to fix this problem.