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    Adobe 10X BAD problem!!!



      new and don't know if I'm in the right forum, but my

      DELL PC already had the 6.0 reader

      in system without my knowledge.  Then, when

      a web page told me I nee

      ded Adobe flash player I downloaded

      , and it programmed everything

      that was to much for my Windows

      2002 Professional service pack 3.

      It took up nearly 7 GB's of space,

      and the PC only had 9.53 GB's of space on disk a tech from the internet provider showed me how to take all of the files out of registry.  Then, told me to stay online for 15 minutes ans she would recover the space that I lost.  When I got on msn trying to find out what was wrong with my PC it put the files back, and now I don't know how to get space back.  Is any one out there that could tell me what to type in search, or something that will show me all files and folders since computer was new.  If I had my HP I could just type in go fly a kite.  Then, it would show me everthing from day one.  How do you do this on a DELL PC?  Could some one e-mail me at [removed] if they know what to do to get a dell to show me everything on the disk, so I can take the 10X reader off of PC.  Adobe wants to charge as much as a new PC to help.