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    Arrays Project

    sbryner Level 1
      Hello all

      Please check out this html page to see if anybody can give me a simple way or
      a little more help with arrays to complete this supposedly fun project that's kicking
      my shines.

      thank you all who've tried to help my cram this info into my brain.

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          blemmo Level 1
          Ok, I don't know what you're trying to do here, but maybe it will help to get you going:
          First, arrays start at index 0, not 1. You can also use Array.push() to add an item on the next free position, instead of doing it by Array[x] = yz;
          Then it seems you want to use objects in your array. This can be done by using the {} as an object constructor, like this:
          var obj = {prop1:value1, prop2:value2}

          So the array creation might be like this, with the object creation inside the push() function:

          var myArray:Array = new Array();
          myArray.push( {price:100, picture:"1.jpg", description:"my stuff"} );

          You can access the object members in a certain array index like that:
          theprice = myArray[0].price;

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            sbryner Level 1
            can you use a variable for the index?
            say there is an input text with a number "1" in the field

            myNum = inputText.text;
            theprice = myArray[myNum].price;
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              blemmo Level 1
              Yep, but inputText.text will be a string type. Convert it to a number with parseInt(). If it's user input, you might want to check if it's valid; parseInt returns NaN when the input is not a number, so you could check that before you use it.

              myNum = parseInt(inputText.text);
              if ( isNaN(myNum) ){
              // bad input
              else {
              theprice = myArray[myNum].price;

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                sbryner Level 1
                Thanks Blemmo,
                not sure if you could see the html. I tried clicking on the link and it didn't work

                try this.

                so, see if this sounds right to you?

                New Link to Page
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                  sbryner Level 1
                  somethings wrong with this code: syntax error.



                  btn_mc.onRelease =function(){
                  myNum = parseInt(inputText.text);
                  if ( isNaN(myNum) ){

                  theprice = myArray[myNum].price;

                  dynamicTextPrice_txt.text =theprice;
                  dynamicTextDescription_txt.text= thedescription;
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                    crazyjoemilan Level 2
                    w/o looking at it too deep, it seems you have an extra ; on the end of i++...

                    should be


                    is that what you're asking?
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                      sbryner Level 1
                      I've figured out most of the code now but now I'm getting syntax error on my "if... else.." statement.

                      it appears everything is ok so I don't get it. Only thing I can think of is you can't have these three lines together.

                      } else {
                      for( ...){
                      if( ....)

                      here's the code:
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                        injpix Level 3
                        Tip: always kept your code organized.