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    Pdf thumbnail number / label - want absolute, getting relative




      I'm working on the beginning of a book and am having a problem with how the the pdf thumbnails are labeled

      • It has a cover and an introduction with no page numbers.

      • That's followed by a chapter marked as a section starting with page 1 and the prefix "Challeng."

      • It's set not to display the prefix on the page.

      • The doc itself looks great in both InDesign and when exported to pdf.


      The problem is that the pdf is showing thumbnails entitles "Challeng1, Challenge2, etc. in the chapter, as you can see in the image. It should go from 5 to 6 in the thumbnail, while retaining the number 1 for section numbering.

      • I have selected absolute numbering in InDesign for the doc overall.

      • In the pages window in InDesign, I do have the correct absolute numbering.

      • Same result in Mac Preview as in Adobe Reader.


      pdf problem.jpg


      After researching the help, I've been unable to find what I am doing incorrectly and would love some help.


      I'm working in CS4 on Mac OS 10.6.7,


      Thanks in advance. I'm eager to get out this sample chapter ASAP and this pdf thumbnail issue is my last hurdle, I believe.