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    Can i change the content assist order?


      Hi, the content assist order of suggestions should first show the templates. As it is, they're last on the list. This is very counter-intuitive.


      Does anyone know away to hack this configuration?



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          Guriya Kalyani

          Hi, The order in which 'content assist' is listed, can be found at 'Windows > Preferences > FlashBuilder > Editors>ActionScript Code > Content Assist Cycling

          But by default its the 'Templates' first. You can but change the order as per your convinience

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            IceT Level 1

            Sorry for the late answer, thanks for the reply. However that didn`t work. It only affects the 2nd cycling, not the first. So I still need TWO Ctrl + Space to get to the templates. I would like to get to them with one.


            Not only that  but when you don`t find a matching template it's even worse, because then I have to get back to the first cycle if I want to settle for a Class/Component instead.


            Thanks anyway

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              Radhakrishna Bhat Level 3



              First Cycle will always show 'All' proposals. The order of rest of the Cycles that follow can be customized in FlashBuilder->Editors->ActionScript Code->Cycling


              First cycle will also have templates in it. If you type in full word of template and if auto-insert is true in preferences, the template will be inserted automatically when cntr+space is pressed.

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