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    Updating AIR client

    joe05xlc Level 1

      Okay so I'm trying to log into Viewer Builder and I get this message below. So now I'm trying to update my AIR client to Viewer Builder v1.3 and not having any luck. I've downloaded the updated patch for Folio Producer  v1.1 and thought it would automatically update my AIR client but not the case. It only gives me View Builder v1.1.


      What am I missing?


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          spgray Level 1

          I'm having the exact same problem. Can't log on to the Folio Builder either. Any help from Adobe would be welcomed.

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            David Ben Level 3

            Did you access your viewer builder from the DPS dashboard? And do you have the latest version of AIR installed? there was an update on July

            1st for version 2.7.019530


            Side not folio producer tools are at version 1.1.1

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              eminkadi Level 1

              We are currently having this same problem with our viewer builder. The login and password is correct and we have installed the latest version of Viewer builder and AIR from the pre release site but still getting this error. This has never happened before with our Adobe ID and we were wondering what the problem might be. any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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                John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                adobe is looking in to the issue. Response will come as we get info.



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                  John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                  We are awaiting a new build of viewer builder to address the can not log in issue with a valid user name and password. In the mean time.....


                  The latest viewer builder client needs to be installed when you get the message like joe05xlc got. You need to delete the existing VB client from your machine, flush your browser cache, log in to the digital publishing portal and download the latest client. Install on your machine.


                  If you get the "can not log in" error running this new client....follow the reset password wokflow, click on the link sent to your email, set a new password. You should then be able to use this new password to log in to viewer builder...



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                    Lisa Shugaar Level 1


                    I"ve done all of your suggestions, plus a few more from another forum answer, and I'm still getting the same message.

                    Are you aware that this problem is still out there? and, can you tell me what else I might do?