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    Clueless how to mate the AC3 sound file given me with my video project

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      Hi gang. This morning I started researching how to do this, but haven't figured it out yet.


      My DSLR projct has ben edited on Premiere Pro CS5. I created the project in stereo and once I picture locked, outputted an OMF file to the sound mixer.


      He just delievered to me an AC3 file. I've no idea what to do next.


      I'd like to mate the AC3 with my video, of course. Do I do that in Premiere Pro? Do I export an uncompressed AVI video file and somehow mate the two together somewhere else?


      Clueless here.


      (of note: This Friday I am having a screening of three of my short films, including this one. The screener will be on DVD and has to be an auto play DVD, something you can pop into the player, no menus, it just plays and goes from video to video. I created a couple test DVD's in Encore and it worked.)



      Heres all the specs for the export:



      Name: Dolby Digital Professional 5.1

      Description: Dolby Digital 5.1 audio at 448 kbps

      File Extension: ac3

      Estimated file size: 192.26 MB/hour of source

      Segmentation on cluster disabled

      Audio Encoder

                      Format: AC3

                      Sample Rate: 48.000kHz

                      Channels: 6

                      Bits Per Sample: 16

                      Target System: DVD Video

                      Data Rate: 448 kbps

                      Compression Preset: Film Standard

                      Audio Coding Mode: 3/2 (L, C, R, Ls, Rs)

                      BitStream Mode: Complete Main

                      Center Mix Level: -3dB

                      Surround Mix Level: -3dB

                      Dolby Surround Mode: None

                      LFE Exists: Yes

                      Dialog Normalization: -27 dbFS

                      Copyright Exists: Yes

                      Original Content: Yes

                      Audio Production Information Exists: No

                      RF Overmodulation Protection: Off

                      Channel Bandwidth Lowpass Filter: On

                      DC Highpass Filter: On

                      LFE Channel Lowpass Filter: On

                      3dB Attenuation: Off

                      phase 90: On

                      Deemphasis: Off