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    newbie question - please point direction


      please point me in the right direction on this.


      I have a coldfusion site with a members section. I'm building a video chatroom to accompany this site. The chatroom will be hosted on a different domain on a different server to start out. When a member logs into my coldfusion site and clicks a link to the chatroom I want his member stats to go with him so he doesn't have to log into the chat room as well.


      Example: When the chatroom swf opens I want it to know the members name is Tom, he is a 20yo male, and his favorite game system is the PS3. If Tom trys to go directly to the chatroom (not logged into CF site) the swf will see that it has no information on him and force him to login.


      I can find tutorials on the login and remote calls back to my other domain for the information needed. I'm not clear on how it works to send his stats with him to auto log him in. If you could tell me what I should be looking at or point me to a tutorial it would be a world of help