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    Small caps not working in web fonts

    The Realms of Gold

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having a problem implementing OpenType features in web fonts. No  matter what typeface or browser I use—and I've tried several of each—I  can't get the CSS font-face property to listen to  font-variant:small-caps. In every case, the browser synthesizes its own  small caps by scaling the full caps, which of course looks terrible.


      The typefaces I've tried with this are all open-source advanced  fonts: Cabin, Cardo, Lato, and Sorts Mill Goudy, all of which support  small caps at least in their roman, regular-weight face. I've used  Firefox 5, Opera 11.5, and the latest build of Iron (Chrome without Big  Brother), all to no avail.

      It's worth mentioning that other properties of advanced web  typography, such as automatic ligatures (as well as the font-face  property itself), are all working.

      You can see my test page at http://www.utcolmus.org/test.html , and the CSS file at http://www.utcolmus.org/main.css. Any help would be greatly appreciated!