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    Mercury Playback Problem - Greyed Out


      I'm stumped. I've read through the messages from others who have had the Mercury Hardware Playback option greyed out, and tried the suggestions but with no success. The Mercury Playback remains software only. My specs are:


      • Premiere Pro CS5.5
      • Windows 7
      • Nvidia 275.65 driver
      • Quadro 5000 & Tesla 2050 (the Tesla is deactivated via the Nvidia Control panel for Premiere Pro)


      I have reinstalled both Premiere Pro and the Nvidia drivers. I've checked with the GPUsniffer to make sure my card was being recognized (it was), and verified it was on the "cuda_supported_cards_list.txt". The only thing I can think of the might be messing things up is that I previously had a copy of Premiere Elements installed, though I think it has been completely removed. Any hints would be most welcome.