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    Calling a YouTube video in Adobe Presenter

    antiravi Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have been working on an eLearning module on the platform of Adobe Presenter, in few of the slides I'am suppose to call youtube videos. I could embed the required .flv file directly after downloading it from youtube and it works fine but the issue is its consuming a lot of band width when accessed on lot of comps at a time.... I have tried a lot of shortcuts via google and many more tutorials but I was not successful in calling a youtube video directly from youtube server.  I have tried replacing the required .swf file after publishing the file from Adobe Presenter where that .swf file would be calling or mirroring the necessary youtube video via some AS3.


      The swf file works fine when its uploaded in to a server but doesnt work in the published presenter zip file when inserted as a general swf file.


      Need some help desperately..