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    Adobe Reader X flaws - very annoyed


      If you hide toolbars in Reader X, the only way to get it back is to press F8.  Problem: some users don't KNOW you can press F8 to get it back.  Even if you restart the program, you won't get it back.  No, right clicking won't help you either.  Hence it's a design flaw, a dumb idea: if you lose your toolbar, there's no indication how to get it back.  That's bad, it's just stupid.


      I just now was using it and I hid the menu bar by pressing F9.  Surprise:  there's NO WAY to get the menu bar back except to press F9.  Once again, what if the user doesn't know that??  What are you supposed to do??  What if you're using someone else's computer and you don't know how to reshow the toolbar or menu bar??


      This is really annoying, that they would make it like that.  Also, is there a place I can directly complain to Adobe?  Someone wasn't thinking!!