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    Where can correct info for migration to DW be found?

    Nini Tjader Level 4

      This page http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/golive_migration.html which is referenced on the page created after migration of a site to DWCS5 does not exist and has been moved to somepalce else. Does anybody know where?


      After migration completed you are presented with a webpage which among other things have these 2 texts with a more link at the end. All very good if they lead to somewhere... Neither do.


      Introduction to Dreamweaver

      A Tour of the User Interface
      Learn how to make the most of your Dreamweaver experience from Welcome Screen to Workspace layouts. This section covers using the different Dreamweaver views, including the new Live View as well as docking panels, the Property inspector, the Insert panel, tabbed documents, and Dreamweaver Preferences. - (more)


      Working with CSS

      Styling your Web pages in Dreamweaver
      The technology of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) has been accepted by the web design community as the best practice for both styling and laying out your web pages. CSS is robustly supported in Dreamweaver. In this section, you’ll learn how to create new styles, link to external style sheets, modify your existing styles and apply them. You’ll even see how you can debug your CSS in one operation through the Check Browser Compatibility feature. - (more)


      Also this page:

      http://www.adobe.com/devnet-archive/dreamweaver/golive_migration/content/using_gmk_extensi on.html


      only mentions DWCS4, which makes people believe it doesn't work in DWCS5 - which it actually does. Somebpodyought to update those pages for DWCS5....

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          Ron Lanham Level 1



          I'm finally upgrading from GLCS2 to DWCS4.


          I've been putting it off for years because of all of the proprietary CS code (csactions, csobjects, components, etc., etc.).


          Is there a link or links you can refer me to that would assist me in how to strip all of the CS code that GoLive created? And what code I'd need to replace it with so my action, components, etc. were editable?


          I've 'successfully' converted/migrated my personal site and everything seems to work (and connects to server, etc.) but lots of things are not editable (actions, components) because of the GoLive code.


          Thanks for any help/links.



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            Nini Tjader Level 4


            See offline reply (I did some copy and paste there which came out a bit odd but I hope it is possible to read anyway..).


            For the rest of you here are some useful - but old - links and info.


            If you haven't stripped the proprietary cs code from the GoLive pages while uploading to server - which you can do - then you probably have to do it manually on your local copy.


            Components and actions etc. have to be rebuilt in accordance with what DW can handle.


            Instead of components it is SSI (server side includes) that should be used according to all the experts. Far from as easy to handle and manage as the components as you cannot see the outcome of them until uploaded unless you create a local testserver (I have no idea how to do that). That's for when it is to be repeated in multiple places. Snippets when just in a few places.


            Instead of actions you use DWs behaviors and try to find something similar in DW to those you have used in GL..


            There are some links further down on this page that can be useful.

            http://www.adobe.com/devnet-archive/dreamweaver/golive_migration/content/using_gmk_extensi on.html


            I've saved the content from this page

            http://www.mindgraffiti.net/gl2dw-faq-for-common-problems/ - but am unable to reach that presently.

            Contains lots of useful info.


            There is also this article <http://www.astonisher.com/archives/ripvanwinkle4.html#15000> about migration to DWCS4.  - old but partly useful. A 9 step checklist when migrating.


            There are some free - but a bit old - resources too, like the following:


            http://www.communitymx.com/abstract.cfm?cid=1069E - which is a tutorial in 9 parts for Dreamweaver for GoLive Users.


            http://layersmagazine.com/the-golive-to-dreamweaver-conversion-kit.html - which as an article in Layers Magazine from when the death of GL was announced.


            http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/dreamweaver/articles/drwcs3_golivemigration.html# - tutorials about using the migration kit but can be used also if not using the migration kit


            And then there is the site that Patrice put up at the time for gl to dw migration with all kinds of tips http://www.biz-comm.com/gl2dw/.

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              Ron Lanham Level 1

              Thanks Nini for all of the information.


              The transitional process is insanely time consuming.


              I'm especially having difficulties in trying to find equivalents (e.g. GL publish: always, if linksed, never... is DW's 'cloaked') Who would have guessed?


              ScriptLib is created by DW's JSE but is totally uneditable once the Javascript is extracted!


              Components become Library items but are not referenced so changing the Library item no longer changes the 'Component' in all of the pages it's placed.


              Etc., etc., etc.


              What an absolutely enormous cost it would be for someone that was making a living from working with GoLive and then having to transition their clients' sites to DW.


              Just my own personal site has taken me around 40+ hours so far and I easily have another 15-20 hours left.


              I spent a huge amount of time trying to do Find/Replace of much of the code, but then finally gave up and decided on manually stripping all of the proprietary GL code (i.e. CS) before migrating it to DW... since DW cannot successfully strip all of the code once it is migrated. And now I'm rebuilding hundreds of behaviors.


              I won't waste your time ranting, but I can certainly empathize with anyone that hates Adobe after their total abandonment of GL.


              Adobe could have at least provided a manual to their registered users regarding the near equivalent functions GL=DW so that we would know what panel, button, name to search for.


              Anyway... the best of luck when you convert your own site.






              aka Ronald Lanham