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    Seeing Users You Have Shared A Script With


      Is there a way to see which users you have shared a script with?  I have gone in and added the email addresses of a few people with different roles and was wating to do a couple of things:


      • Make sure everyone who needs access I have added
      • Color code those who are co-authors or commentors


      I don't see anywhere that I can view those I have given access to, to verify or do either of those two things.


      Your help is appreciated.

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          Ali Abbas Rizvi

          Hi Joe


          Once your shared script has been accepted by the users, you can see all the users with whom you have shared the script at 2 different places.


          1.Just select (don't open) the script in the Projects View. Notice at the bottom right corner it would say Shared Document (x users) where x is the number of users including you who have access to the document. Click on it to reveal the name and role of all the collaborators.


          2.If the script is opened, notice in the bottom bar. You can see Shared Document (x users) there also and you can click on it to reveal all collaborators.


          Try it and let us know if it works for you.


          As for the different colours, when different collaborators comment on a script the text box in which the comment appears is of different colour depending upon the role of the collaborator.


          Let us know if this works for you.




          Adobe Story Team

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            JoeHacket Level 1

            Thank you for the information, that was helpful.


            So is it safe to assume that since A) I have shared it with multiple people and B) it is showing in the bottom right as you mentioned as not-shared.  That it means no one has accepted the shared script yet?


            Or should it have at least showed the number 1 for me?

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              Ali Abbas Rizvi Level 1

              As long as the script is not accepted by anyone it will show as Unshared Document. If you click on Unshared Document your name would appear there with the role as Owner. As soon as the first person accepts the script it would say Shared Document (2 users) and clicking on it would reveal your name and the collaborator's name. This number and the information in this box would keep on increasing as more and more users accept the sharing of the script.