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    Changing icon ?



        I have created my panels and all is working well. However, i would to change the icon when the panels are minimized as if you have say 2-4 panels the icons are the same hence impossible to distinguish.


      Can that be done ?



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          cromaline Level 3

          1)Create two png files ( 23px x 23 px or 25x25 ) and name them respectively with the name of the panel you created  :


          panel nameNormal.png

          panel nameRollover.png


          Substitute panel name ( in my example) with your own panel's name and be sure to add Normal and Rollover  with no space between them and the end of our panel's name

          Rollover is the icon state when your mouse is over it


          2) Once your panel is exported put the  two .png files inside his "content" folder as in the image below


          3)Restart Photoshop




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            This doesn't seem to work anymore


            I did as told, but the Panel still has the "standard" icon.


            Any ideas?


            Thx in advance!

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              cromaline Level 3

              It should

              That is the right way,all is ok with me,  may be there is something not  written in the right way

              does a check for the correct panel name ( mantain the same space it has)  and  checks also that "Normal" and "Rollover" are placed attached to the panel name


              Check also  if in the exported panel ( in Photoshop) are the two icons

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                thx for your response!


                didn't try in photoshop. i build a indesign-panel.


                but i try quick with a PS panel and the two files. maybe it's not supported for indesign-panels.

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                  cromaline Level 3

                  as soon as I find time I will do a test with indesign