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    Help printing raw profiling target!!

    Lou Dina Level 3

      I know this has been beaten around, but I am looking for help, and the latest information on printing a raw target for printer profiling. I'm having troubles getting a decent target to profile.


      First PSCS4, OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), Mac Pro Tower, Epson 1400 inkjet printer with Epson Claria inks. Driver is the Epson SP 1400 Series driver. Nozzle check and print head alignment are fine.


      I printed out an untagged RGB test strip file four times on the same sheet of glossy paper. This file has 21 steps of gray, four each of red, green and blue, and three each of cyan, magenta and yellow. I use this file to help me pick the best driver settings when creating RGB printer profiles.In each case, the Epson driver used the exact same settings, with Color Management set to No Color Adjustment. Here are the PS dialog settings I used in each test print:


      1. Untagged file, No Color Management in print dialog box

      2. Untagged file, Printer Manages Color, RelCol, no BPC (according to Eric Chan, rendering intent is ignored in this mode)

      3. File tagged with ARGB, Photoshop Manages Colors, profile set to ARGB destination profile, RelCol, BPC turned off.

      4. File tagged with sRGB, Photoshop Manages Colors, profile set to sRGB destination profile, RelCol, BPC turned off.


      I've been wary of Photoshop's "No Color Management" for awhile in Snow Leopard due to reported OS override, etc, but I wanted to compare the above four methods. Items 3 & 4 above were reported as workarounds on the Luminous Landscape site.


      I found that methods 1 and 2 (NCM and Printer Manages) were very close to each other, within spectro error and usually less than 0.5 Delta E. Item 3 (ARGB to ARGB) should be identical, since it is a null conversion, but it is very different from 1 and 2. Item 4 (sRGB to sRGB) was different from the ARGB to ARGB conversion and also different from 1 & 2 by the widest margin. Holy smokes, folks! So, at least with the PSCS4, OSX 10.6.8 and the Epson 1400, the Luminous Landscape workaround does NOT work. While 1 and 2 seem to be a pretty good match, I have no idea whether they are both accurate RAW output, or whether they are both the same and both similarly flawed.


      I just want to build a damn profile. I've been studying and using color management for 15 years, so I am not exactly new to this stuff.






      Lou Dina