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    link to another pdf file

    Fabian Kalchofner

      Hi all.


      I am using the Acer Iconia W500 tablet with Android 3.0.


      I have a big problem with links in a pdf file, which should open another pdf file.

      Is this with Adobe Reader impossible or is there a solution?


      I have the following folder structure:


           -folder A

                -pdf file 1


                -subfolder B

                     -pdf file 2


                -subfolder C

                     -pdf file 3


      In pdf file 1 there are two links, which open pdf file 2 or pdf file 3. In pdf file 2 and pdf file 3 is a link, which opens pdf file 1 again.


      With my notebook and Adobe Reader X there are no problems opening pdf files from another pdf file.


      Thanks for reading my problem and hopefully for solving it.