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    Adequate Documentation Support for CMS

    Scott043088 Level 1

      I am appalled at the lack of documentation that Adobe has provided in FrameMaker 10 for CMS support. In general I'm disgusted that the documentation for FrameMaker in general has significantly declined. The version 7, 8, and 9 documentation was good. Now, it looks like the outsourced their documentation effort to Microsoft.


      It's filled with fluff, has missing information, lack of detail, and is on the level of:


      1. To drive a car.


      2. Insert key in ignition.


      3. Drive car.


      Technically correct, but totally useless.


      The CMS section has so little information on how to configure Sharepoint to integrate it with FrameMaker's CMS feature as to make it ludicruous. It provides no troubleshooting information, no setup beyond the intial connection dialogs.


      I expect more for software that costs this much.


      I expect competence.


      Maybe outsourcing isn't so good.