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    Track Matte Key effect


      Hi all,

      I know there was a series of questions about this effect having problems before:

      Ed Macke's post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2287537#2287537

      ftblcoach's post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2569862#2569862

      but I saw they haven't seem to match up with my problem

      (the links - for people who are interested in those kind of problems of the effect).


      My problem:

      When used the effect I've got smaller area revealed than was supposed to.

      The following screen shots might help:

      1. To see the mask itself I hid the masked track:


      2. And the unwanted result revealed when I show the masked track:



      I work with the Premiere Pro CS5.5 Trial.

      I used the Track Matte Key effect on a .jpg picture in track 2, using as mask title containing just a white(Full white - #FFFFFF, Full opacity) rectangle in track 3. I used the Matte Alpha.

      (note that in the screen shot it looks like the mask is greyish, because  it was, but I changed it to full white and it did not matter, which makes sense because I used alpha and not luma).

      I have no animation on neither of the tracks in the relevant time range, but I do have adjustments applyed to the .jpg image.

      With a little playing arround I noticed some things that made me suspect, I tried a little more and realized it the effect is masking as if the image had the default settings of the motion (scale + position), and was compressed together and applyed with the motion adjustments later on, which makes no sense to me at all!

      Is this a bug or is that how the effect should work? It's highly counter-intuitive and very hard to work with... The easiest way would be if the effect kicks in on the track as it is, and not on the original-settings' track. for instance, if I do add an animation it still maskes the same relative to the image and not to the frame. (I added a position animation, and the cropped image floated as  if I cropped it in photoshop and imported it as a smaller picture, although the title- the mask didn't move).


      I can do with what I found for now, but that's just not a way to work...


      Anyone know how to fix it / why should the effect be defined this weird way?


      Thanks a lot,


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your matte needs to be the same size as the sequence

          I cant see very well due to a very small lcd at work but it looks like you scaled the matte down, that is causing the wrong view.

          If i want to make a travelling matte (animate the mask) i nest them.

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            et.leigh Level 1


            First of- thanks for the quick reply!


            I didn't quite get what you suggested that happened. I didn't scale the mask layer (the title track) at all, and didn't animate it.

            I scaled only the image track - the masked track.


            The animation was for testing purposes for now, and I animated , again- the masked track, and not the title mask.


            What do you mean by "same size as the sequence"? The time length of the mask should cover the whole timeline? (It doesn't sound right...)


            I'm sorry if it's standard jargon, but I'm a rookie...


            Thanks again,


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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The size in pixels of the matte file (or title, if used) and its aspect ratio should match the size in pixels and the aspect ratio of the sequence settings (the setting you chose when you created the sequence). It works best when the source files also match the sequence settings.

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If your sequence is e.g. 720x480 your maskbride... should also read 720x480 with the correct pixel aspect ratio.

                Make your mask in the titler instead of using a jpeg.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Those very old links you gave us are from Elements, its quite a different program to Premiere Pro. Dont compare otherwise you will get in a muddle.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Yes, there did seem to be a Bug in Track Matte Keying in PrE (from at least version 4 through 8. Do not recall if it was in PrE9?), but from my testing, it never showed in PrPro.


                    The Effects are quite similar, but the programs are very different, and problems from one, seldom show up in the other.


                    Keeping everything related to PrPro is good advice.



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                      et.leigh Level 1

                      Did I understand correctly:

                      The image I'm dealing with (the bride in this case) should be the same size and pixel aspect ratio as the sequence? (not the mask itself)

                      The mask I made is a title made inside PrPro and I didn't scale or move it (I drew the rectangle precisely where it should be on the screen), so I don't think that should be the problem...

                      So I can't scale images I want to apply the effect to? that sounds crazy... That's lowering the effect's strength a great deal...

                      In my case:

                      Sequence: 720X576 px               pixel aspect ratio: 1.0940  (D1/DV PAL)

                      Bride's Image: 698X1030 px      pixel aspect ratio: 1.0


                      So you are correct, they don't match, and I did (as I wrote) scale the image down.


                      So the solution would be changing it in Photoshop so it would be the right size+aspect so I won't scale it in PrPro? that doesn't sound right...

                      I am supposed to be able to manipulate the image in the video editting program... ain't I ? For example, if I would want to animate it getting bigger? can't I do that unrelated to the mask? how can that be? it's very limitting the effect, isn't it?


                      (By the way I changed the pixel aspect ratio of the image and it acts the same... it is as if I applyed the effect, it cropped the image and all the adjustments (scaling and positioning) is made on the cropped image.


                      So to sum it up - the matte effect works only on the default settings - I'm not allowed to animate the masked track - only the mask can be animated? (I tried - animating the title works as expected).


                      So there is a point in using this effect only when needed an animated mask?


                      Thanks a lot for all you help! (I guess I took the effect for something it is not...)

                      I must say I was positively surprised with the many fast responses. it's a very nicely maintained forum