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    Invalid URL

    vividi Level 1

      To DPS users,  Having placed a URL into the web content overlay creator I get the following error  Invalid URL for Web Content Overlay also trying to preview this in the desktop folio viewer get the following.  An error has occurred while generating folio preview. [Error: Invalid URL for Web Content Overlay ]  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong when using the web content area of indesign. I read users need to manually type the URL into the web content file. Regards Vividi

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Can you attach a screen shot?

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Does the URL redirect? If so, you must use the destination URL.



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              vividi Level 1

              Think I got it sorted out myself.  Regards  Vividi

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                mobly Level 3

                well it would be good if you shared your info.

                I have found that a URL as a / at the end of it, I get an error. just removing the trailing / solves the problem.



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                  buglegirl101 Level 1

                  Since the question wasn't really answered, with the greatest of respect to all of you, please HELP!

                  I got the same error message using an html 5 file created in edge-- placed into the container on my indesign page.  The file works great in Safari, so I know the interactaction is working-- but, as soon as I hit 'preview' in the overlay creator, I get this exact same message.

                  Today, I gave up and decided to work around using image sequence.  I have the files all ready in their own folder-- created a container on the indesign page, clicked overlay creator, typed in the exact path to the folder (so the program won't crash) and checked 'show first image.'  At that point, the first image appeared.  However, when I clicked on preview, I got the error message again.


                  ANY THOUGHTS??


                  Otherwise, I am a huge fan of DPS.  I think we need shirts!

                  THANKS so much!


                  nancy p.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Did you try it on the iPad? The desktop preview tool is less than perfect.



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                      buglegirl101 Level 1

                      Hi, Bob,


                      Thanks for being so speedy!


                      Yes-- tried publishing it anyway.   I'm attaching the error when I tried to do that. InDesignScreenSnapz001.jpg

                        My links are all OK -- but is there any other asset folder that might be missing?  I only know of 2 that  I need: the inDesign folder and the folder where the photos are.


                      Am I missing something?




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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Where's the folder for the HTML assets?



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                          buglegirl101 Level 1

                          My html  folder is in the same directory level as my articles.  I do have 1 html 5 file that has been working from that location w/ overlay--in the viewer on my desktop and on the ipad.  It was created as an animation in Indesign and converted with Wallaby.  The Edge file stopped working yesterday--which I actually think is my fault--moving files around.


                          However, I'm more concerened with this "image sequence"problem.  It should work.   My image folder is on the same level as the article folder, which is also where my folders for photos/links are.  I don't have a links folder.  Should I?


                          Hope this isn't too lame.  I sometimes skip over the early instructions to get to the fun stuff--and I've been having so much fun with the folio -- I haven't looked back!


                          Thanks so much!




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                            buglegirl101 Level 1



                            Got it working!!!


                            Solution: deleting the second page of the file-- which had the OLD CODE from the edge file that gave me a problem yesterday.


                            When in doubt, I guess, just start fresh!


                            Course, I still am not sure about the 'folder' thing-- but everything is working just great right now.


                            THANKS SO MUCH!



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                              vividi Level 1

                              To buglegirl101,  not sure why this happens I also had problems with HTML 5 content created in edge, only thing I found was to create an HTML folder and included all the content inside the folder so indesign could find the HTML content and images files I used. I'm not sure if the overlay creator in indesign is still a little buggy also i find sometimes I needed to re-create a new container and import the HTML file again. Are you using any images within your edge HTML file and saving these in png format, I used a jpeg image at first but think it my have caused the HTML file to not view correctly on my ipad, the adobe content viewer did finally show my indesign content after previewing.  Regards  Vividi

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                                mobly Level 3

                                With regards to invalid URL, I keep getting a "invalidUrl" when creating a web view. I thought it was because of trailing / at the end of the URL but now that doesn't seem to be the issue, anyone else had this problem?


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                                  Johannes Eckert Level 4



                                  do you mean the "Invalid Asset Location" Error Message?

                                  this seams to be a strange computer depending bug, as Bob Bringhurst

                                  mentioned here (comments below):

                                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS9293e1fb3b977c5c73657495129f66e490f-7f fa.html



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                                    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                                    I'm having the same Invalid Asset Location Error Message when pointing to an external URL. I read Bob Bringhurst's explanation. I'm just reporting this to show that the bug is still around.

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                                      Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                                      I think (am almost sure) that Bob Levine (in another place) gave me the right answer.


                                      It has to do with a link that redirects to another page.


                                      Without the redirect the Web content plays correctly.


                                      Thanks Bob,



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                                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                        Glad you got it sorted, Sandee!





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                                          mobly Level 3

                                          Have come back to this again, and still the same problem...

                                          just created an empty box, and pointing to an external URL - http://www.hrp.org.uk/toweroflondon/planyourvisit/gettinghere

                                          so no files within the article etc, I now can't even upload the article

                                          Any other thoughts??




                                          Content generation error.

                                          [Error: Invalid URL for Web Content Overlay]





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                                            mobly Level 3


                                            so deleting images one by one from all the article pages, lead me to two image boxes that, although did not have a web view associated with them, were causing the problem, very bizarre, and certainly in my eyes quite buggy, but there you go. As was previuosly mentioned, if in doubt start from scratch. At least by reporting these issues, others may find the solution a bit quicker.


                                            All hail the Adobe Forums!! :-)

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                                              Matthew Laun Adobe Employee

                                              Working with a customer, I found another cause for the "Invalid asset location" error, mutiple web content overlays that end with trailing forward slashes. Read about it as solution #1 in this KB doc:


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                                                It seems that this error happens when you try to paste a web content frame into another frame (using alt+cmd+v).

                                                Is this a bug, or just the way InDeisgn works?