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    Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5

    Neverends Productions Level 1

      I just upgraded to CS5.5 a yesterday and having some issues encoding an 1 1/2 program for a DVD. The program doesn't seem to crash per se, just stops encoding. The task manager says it's running. I tried to encode the same sequence, but shorter and have the in and out points go through the part where it always stops and it worked fine. It's just when I try the entire sequence it stops. Anyone have any experience like this with CS5.5 just coming out?



      Thank you,



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          I have the exactly same problem here. The AME stops while encoding arbitrarily without announcing an error message. I hope, that adobe or anyone can help to solve this problem.

          With CS 5, I never had problems like this.


          Win7 64 Bit
          I7 CPU 940 @ 2.93 GHz 3.06 GHz
          RAM 12 GB
          NVidia Quadro FX 4800
          Blackmagic Decklink Studio 2

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            Neverends Productions Level 1

            I've was on the phone with them most of the day yesterday (5/24/2011) and after several hours they ended up turning off the Mercury Playback Engine and rendering my sequence just with the software and it made it all the way through. They reinstalled the nVidia Quadra 5800 drivers and I ran a test last night with MPE back on. This morning the problem is still here. Every time I quit the Media Encoder I would have to use the Task Manager to kill the process as the ME would not actually quit on its own.

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Please provide more information about the nature of the encoding job:

              • Is it from a Premiere Sequence, an After Effects comp, a single clip imported directly into AME?
              • Does AME hang at exactly the same point every time? If so, what's happening at that point in the sequence?
              • What type of content is involved? Video clips, still images, image sequences...? What format(s), codec(s), resolution(s), etc.?
              • What effects are applied?
              • What is resource usage, especially CPU usage when the hang occurs?


              If you're exporting from Premiere, does the hang also occur when you go down the Export Now path rather than sending it out through AME ("Queue")?


              If you still have CS5.0 installed, does AME hang while encoding the same job?

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                FilmFix Level 1

                Hello Mark


                I've tested again and here are my results (I excuse my knowledge of English)


                - its from a Premiere Pro CS5.5 Sequence. The sequence is "Blackmagic Design DVCPROHD 720p50"

                - the footage was captured with the Decklink Studio 2 in DVCPROHD 720p50 (avi), and slowed down in the time-line to 72% speed (I capture 8mm-films in 25fps and change the speed to 18 fps)

                - AME hangs never at the same point, it stops always at different points, somewhere in the timeline. If I export directly from Premiere Pro (not with AME), the encoding hangs too, but never at the same point.

                - I use the following FXs: "RGB-Kurven" (RGB-curves?) and "Scharfzeichner" (in english sharpener?)

                - the resource report shows 0% CPU usage!



                And here a picture from AME and PPro with the timeline, so that you can see, that there is nothing in the timeline that could apply the "crash".


                I also have CS5.0 installed again, and in CS5, there are absolutely no problems in PPro and in AME, everything works fine without errors.


                I hope that everything is clear.


                Thanks for your help and greetings from switzerland


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                  Neverends Productions Level 1

                  My issues seem to be resolved as us yesterday, but today..... we are back to the drawing board. Nvidia released an update to my graphics card, the Nvidia Quadro FX 5800 to 270.73. Rendering via software only was terrible slow!! Now on to my continued problems with my Drobo Pro's performance.

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                    water bowl Level 1

                    Please read my post from a little over a week ago: "F4V File Loses 30 Minutes of 1 Hour Presentation" After conferencing with an Adobe AME specialist and a young fellow at work who works in both PC and Mac, it is possible my problems stem from the original f4v file being encoded on a Mac, possibly Final Cut Pro. This young guy understands codecs and claims that I needed to have the Quick Time codecs installed on the ssd 64x computer where CS5 is installed in order for AME to do a proper encoding.This is despite the fact that the file I was given was a high quality f4v!


                    In the end the only way I was able to use the 202mb f4v file was to purchase QT Pro and encode it in there for web use. However, the movie quality was unacceptable at anything less than 200mb so I pulled the audio files off (also poor quality) and married them with the Powerpoint presentation and turned that into a stunning flash movie that was a respectable 33mb, so no buffering on the website. The client then did an unofficial "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" poll in the office to see what I did wrong. They all said I didn't have the correct software. Hmm. I would have never guessed in a million years that I needed anything to do with Quicktime to encode an f4v file in Adobe Media Encoder for use in a Flash player?


                    This may not be related to your problem but the inability to encode a large file without destroying the end of it seems to be the same issue? I am back using CS4 on my other machine until there is a resolution. The only thing I am using in CS5 is photoshop.

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                      ojcruz1 Level 1

                      Hi, I'm having the same problem you seemed to be having. If you have resolved it, could you please post your solution since I can't really find a way to fix this. It's happening on two different computers. I can export the problem areas just fine but not the whole thing.


                      I've cleaned cache. Deleted render files. Rendered everything again. Removed effects and Nothing.



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                        Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                        Hi Omar, Do you have GPU acceleration enabled in Premiere Pro? If so, does switching to Software Only resolve the issue?

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                          AOMOVIE Level 1

                          I am having exactly the same problem. AME just quits encoding at seemingly random points in my 1 hour 720p 29.97 fps Premiere Pro 5.5 timeline, with the entire timeline rendered successfully showing green. Just like you, it doesn't crash or report through Windows as not responding. It just hangs, with the time elapsed continuing to count up but the time remaining frozen. I had even let it go overnight to see if it would eventually complete--nope, just frozen at exactly the same spot where it previously stopped. The point at which it freezes is different each time I re-try the encoding. I've cleaned the cache, re-rendered footage, etc. and nothing helps. I've switched between Memory and Performance in the memory settings. I've queued it in AME and tried exporting directly out of PP 5.5, with identical results. I've re-tried over a dozen times, rebooting the computer each time and trying different encodings and settings each time. I was able to get it to successfully complete H.264 29.97fps SD encoding once out of over a dozen tries. The fact that it CAN complete is an interesting bit of information and implies that there is nothing wrong with the timeline or elements in it (although you would expect that anything that renders with a green line successfully in PP would also be able to be exported, right?). But I've never been able to get it to finish again since.


                          Win 7 64, i7 980x, 3.3Ghz, 24 GB ram, Quadro FX4800, only Windows and Adobe software installed. OS, all software and drivers updated to most current versions. Adobe Production Premium 5.0 had its issues, but never as severe as this.


                          Obviously given the other posts, the issue is not an isolated one. This one can't be blamed on Microsoft or inadequate system specs. This is a serious, serious flaw that makes the entire 5.5 upgrade essentially unusable.


                          Has anyone figured out a sensible work-around?

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                            ojcruz1 Level 1

                            Hi, Actually I fixed mine on two different computers by simply turning the machine off for a while (just a couple of minutes) and then starting back up. restart didn't work. It had to be shut off. I've no idea why.


                            In the mean time I was exporting by sending the entire sequence to after effects and using the after effects render queue. It worked flawlessly but has it's limitations. For one, it will essentially consume your premiere timeline turning it into a single AE comp, so no re editing (Of course if you hit undo in premiere after the linked comp is made, the comp remains in ae but is undone in premiere giving you back your timeline but this unlinks your sequence from after effects so you must create a new AE sequence everytime you modify the premiere sequence - not to mention it's an extra step and who likes extra steps). It won't work if you already have after effects linked comps in the sequence. (They will appear off line and again, you can relink them but it's a pain and yet another extra step)


                            To answer Mark Mapes question. I had one computer running gpu accelerated and another running software only. Switching to software only- and in and of itself this would be a limited solution if it worked- didn't work at all.

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                              AOMOVIE Level 1

                              Thanks so much. I will try these and let everyone know how it goes. Very much appreciated!

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                                water bowl Level 1

                                Well, my problem happened with CS5, not 5.5. I don't encode enough to be able to say that it continues to be a problem. However, I would still pull up my CS4 AME if I needed to encode something again. But honestly, it sounds like the same problem as I had. My problem may have been further complicated by running CS5 as 64 bit.


                                For the record, I was never able to fully encode the f4v file I was given. AME behaved as though it was corrupt at the same point each time, shaving off about a half hour of the presentation. For several days I thought it was only a half hour presentation! I was given this file by an a/v company that caters corporate meetings. It was a video that combined a Powerpoint presentation and the audio from the podium. I asked for a file that I could use for Flash because their world is all Quicktime.


                                As I said, in the end the only way I could salvage this project was to extract the audio by encoding the f4v with Quicktime Pro and then use a third party software to marry it to the PPT presentation for a flash movie. That is a whole other issue I wish Adobe would look into, being able to encode PPT for flash. Corporations are doing some really cool presentations for business but MS just doesn't play well with Adobe Flash. It would really help me to be able to take my client's stuff and put it up on the web easily.


                                The young guy I work with said it was the lack of Quicktime codecs on my computer that was the hangup because in all likelihood they encoded the f4v with Final Cut Pro.


                                I work in a broadcast HD tv station. We are attempting to transition our clients commercial material to database for use on-air using computer files they provide (to get away from video tape). I can't tell you how much trouble missing codecs has been with this. Clients make their stuff in all kinds of environments and it can be professional or amateur. Sometimes the video is there but the audio is missing or vice versa. Sometimes one 30 sec spot will be fine, but the next one in the same file will take a 30 sec spot and stretch it into a 5 min timeline, losing the audio and playing the video slo mo. Our editing system is Grass Valley's Edius so that adds a whole new problem with codecs. It took us a long time just to figure out how to open a .mov on a timeline. So in the end we replaced one headache with muliple tape formats to a bigger headache with multiple codecs and proprietary software programs.

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                                  DirtyLowPull Level 1

                                  AME will randomly stop encoding, without warning, without errors in any log I can find.  The GUI is still active but it won't successfully stop the encoding that it's stuck on.  After killing the process and deleting the partially completed output file I have to reset the status on the one it failed on and press start again.  That job will complete just fine when it's restarted again – so there’s nothing wrong with the input - some hours later it'll inevitably stop again.


                                  The frequency of AME failures seems to be higher if Windows Explorer goes anywhere near the AME output location.


                                  Turning off SEP (real time anti virus) doesn’t seem to reduce the problem.  Starting a long queue of AME after a restart doesn’t seem to help – some hours later it’ll fail.


                                  Difficult to figure out which Adobe component is failing – a map would help.  I mean to use process explorer to look for leaks next time.


                                  Is there any sort of Adobe logging that can be turned on can we turn on to find out what or why it stopped?


                                  Real pain when you have 100 or more jobs queued up to run all day or all night and Adobe consistently falls down on the job



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                                    DirtyLowPull Level 1

                                    ...and when you restart the "saved queue" it'll end up re-encoding things it had already encoded prior to the crash.  So, in a production environment, using AME not only costs you the lost time from when it stops functioning and sits there doing absolutely nothing, but it also increases the wear and tear on your equipment by unnecessarily burning CPU/GPU/storage and electricity generating heat repeating things.  Add to that the time required to sort out what it has or hasn’t duplicated.  I’m guessing it’s using a text file to keep track of what it did – C:\Users\imaUser\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\5.5\batch.xml - and when it is forced to crash (even after you manually command it to Save Queue (?) the queue was not actually saved and is not accurate on re-boot  e.g., Anyone know the schema of the AME queue?


                                    Basically you can’t trust the queue if a light volume environment – say 50 things at a time – you’ll need a control system to check what you asked it to do, what it did and what it didn’t.  You have to police it.  “production bundle”…


                                    So, if I can’t trust Adobe to provide the work flow in its production bundle is there an API I can call rather [relying on] AME?  I think that Sony product supports scripting…





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                                      ojcruz1 Level 1

                                      Interesting that people keep running into this problem. I thought I solved mine a while ago by shutting down the computer. In fact, sadly, it only works every other time. I've also managed to get this to encode by removing certain effects from the timeline. Those clips with questionable effects will encode fine if the work area is small enough but will fail if the sequence is longer. I've also encountered the problem with timelines that have no effects.


                                      I've been sending my projects to after effects to export using the render queue.  I'm onm a mac so I don't think it's a windows specific problem

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                                        AOMOVIE Level 1

                                        Adobe tech support sent me a list of things to try, such as removing all 3rd party plugins and killing all processes other than those by MS. I did everything on the list, including uninstalling all software and utiltities except the Win 7 operating system and Adobe CS5.5, and the problem persists. I, like others, have found that turning off GPU hardware acceleration makes is much more likely to finish encoding, although it takes much longer. One of the big selling points for CS5 and 5.5 is that it uses Mercury playback engine. Another is the 3rd party plugins on the Adobe website, which apparently cannot be used with CS5.5. Adobe tech support tried to set up a phone consultation, but I've been too busy lately to schedule a time where I could spend hours on the phone. The problem can only be checked to see if it is solved by rendering a long timeline, which could take several hours. I can't imagine how that could be possible while staying on the phone. It seems like when AME quits processing, it typically does so near the end of rendering anyway. The fact that AME will sometimes finish using software acceleration only, makes it the most practical workaround for now until they find the problem and fix it. I just have to plan to do outputs several days in advance, knowing that it might take several overnight render tries before one finally succeeds. I can't imagine how anyone could possibly run a professional media company using this product. I also cannot understand how Adobe couldn't replicate the problem. My system is an Intel i7 980x, 24 GB RAM, Quadro FX 4800, plenty of fast, clean hard drive space, and clean install of Win 7 and Adobe Production Premium CS5.5. Off the network except briefly only to do an Adobe software and Win 7 update, then immediately back off. That's it, nothing exotic, no bizarre hardware of software configurations, nothing strange installed, no shareware or weird applications or net browsing malware. Project is just video, AE compositions, and still photographs that render in the timeline (green line) just fine. Again, nothing unusual or exotic.


                                        By the way, ifI try to export from Premiere to After Effects it just crashes.

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                                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                          I skimmed quickly over the posts in this topic and I didn't see any mention of checking the usual hardware suspects:


                                          1. Video card drivers.  Update directly from the nVidia/AMD web site and don't rely on what came with the computer or the card.
                                          2. Heat.  Make sure you have plenty of fans in the case and that they're all doing their job.  If a component has its own fan, make sure it's running and that it's not blocked by other things inside the case.
                                          3. Power supply. Make sure your power supply can handle all the stuff in your case.
                                          4. UPS. Make sure the UPS can handle the load that the power supply pulls.


                                          The comment about letting the computer sit while shut off for a while resulting in better chances of the encode finishing is a big red flag to me that heat is at least playing a part in this.




                                          EDIT: I'll add "remove dust inside the case" and "update your audio card drivers" to that list as well.

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                                            AOMOVIE Level 1

                                            Thanks for the great suggestions, Jeff. I can't speak for anyone else, but in my case all drivers are up to date, and the hardware is new, clean, has twice the needed wattage, and a good UPS. AME in CS 5.0 didn't have this problem and it only started upon upgrade to CS 5.5. But now that I've upgraded to 5.5 the projects aren't backwards compatible.

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                                              Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                              You mentioned AE Compositions being part of your Pr timeline.  Are those instances intermediate video files or are the comps dynamically linked?  If you're using dynamic link, check your system memory usage during the render.  If it keeps increasing until all 24 GBs is used up, try eliminating the AE comps or replacing them with rendered video files from AE.


                                              Also check that you have enough room on your system drive to handle any temp files that the AME creates during the encode.  Folks have had space problems even if there's plenty of room on the media/project drives.  Checking permissions wouldn't hurt, either (but I don't think it's likely).


                                              Have you checked the encoding logs to see if there's a clue there?



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                                                Neverends Productions Level 1

                                                I have had an open case open with Adobe ever since I purchased the upgrade and have spent countless hours on the phone. The problem is somewhere between Adobe and NVidia’s video card driver. The problem still continues… and very frustrated!!

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                                                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                  Post the case number for your open case, and I will see what I can find out about why it's still open.

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                                                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                    Thanks, Doug. I'll see what I can find out.

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                                                      DirtyLowPull Level 1

                                                      if heat is a cause of AME failing it should monitor, measure, log and warn about it - we're not in the dark ages anymore.

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                                                        Chad Baker Adobe Employee

                                                        Hi Doug,


                                                        I sent you an email at the address on file in your case notes. I have some addtional questions regarding your support case.


                                                        Best regards,



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                                                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                          DirtyLowPull wrote:


                                                          if heat is a cause of AME failing it should monitor, measure, log and warn about it - we're not in the dark ages anymore.

                                                          Dark ages or not, an application can only do what it was programmed to do.  There are enough utilities, free and otherwise, available to perform such tasks.  I'd prefer not to bog down the AME with that stuff.  If you feel differently, then you know what to do:


                                                          Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form



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                                                            nfact Level 1

                                                            Same problem here:


                                                            Sometimes AME stopps working during long seqence exports. There is no specific point where it hangs. If you stopp the AME via the task manager and restart it, it encodes the same sequence fine but within the next it hangs again. It is totally unpredictable since it is not related to any sequence or codec.


                                                            This is a real showstopper for us. This software is currently not suitable for professional use. We wanted to change from Avid MC to Premiere Pro because of the dynamic link abilities. But if we simply can't output a simple timeline, this is a nogo. Where is the patch for that bug Adobe?



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                                                              andi_urra Level 1

                                                              Hi, we have that same problem of freezing AME with Premiere Pro sequences over and over.


                                                              We are running Adobe Production Premium CS5.5

                                                              CS5 was uninstalled before installing CS5.5, with additional help of the Adobe cleaner tool.


                                                              For us, the current workaround is to deactivate MPE GPU Acceleration and go with software only.


                                                              We use MacOS 10.6.8 on multiple machines (MacPro Dual Quadcore). We have both NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 and Quadro 4000 graphics cards. Drivers and software are up to date.


                                                              The error happens on all machines.


                                                              We encode lots of lecture recordings into H.264. I.e. our Premiere Pro sequences typically range between 20-90 minutes.


                                                              If there is anything I could do to help hunting down that bug (at least it looks like one), please let me know.


                                                              Kind regards,


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                                                                Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee

                                                                Some of the AME Testers have been trying to reproduce this problem in house for several weeks, but we have been unsuccessful.  We will contact some of you who are experiencing this problem directly via email in hopes to get more information or projects that are exhibiting the problem so that we can reproduce this issue.  We need to be able to repro this on our machines for our developer to be able to fix them. Continue to post any information that might help us narrow down this issue and find a solid repro step.




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                                                                  RFendelman Level 1

                                                                  WOW...I'm not the only one!

                                                                  I've just killed two days and I'm on a tight deadline, trying to Export a 6.5 minute video with my new PPro 5.5. (Just switched fm FCP 6)

                                                                  Finally got it to output using the H.264 Format and the YouTube Widescreen Preset.  It actually looks pretty good on Youtube even though it's 640x360.


                                                                  Big Problem:  I've been trying to use the following.....Format: Quicktime, Present: NTSC DV Wide, Video: H.264, 720x480, 29.97, Lower First, D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16x9.      My original Sequence is 720x480 Widescreen, Lower.


                                                                  Encode gets about 2/3 of the way and then stops cold.   Interestingly, I rendered it in two sections and each section worked fine.  Althought, I combined the two sections on one timeline and re-exported and the new file became out of sync with lots of glyches.

                                                                  All I really want is just a QT.   Is that possible.     Love the program, beats FCP except for this one 'little' problem.


                                                                  I'm on an  iMac with 4gb of ram, 10.6.8, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

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                                                                    Im also experiencing the same problem.(AME stopping at random) Has Adobe posted a fix or work around?



                                                                    • 32. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                      Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee

                                                                      HI Kent,  We can't release a patch to solve this until we are able to reproduce this problem in Adobe and fix it.  So far, using our own assets and computers, we have not been able to reproduce this issue.  Thus we don't have a fix yet.  We are contacting some of the individuals on this thread for assistance in replicating this issue. Until then, there has been some suggestions posted above that might reduce chances of this happening. For example, Andreas is able to bypass this problem by deactivating MPE GPU acceleration and going with software acceleration only. In another post, updating graphic card driver solved this problem for one user on a machine that had this issue.  I do want you all to know that we are working on this, but it has been difficult to track this issue down.

                                                                      • 33. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                        Neverends Productions Level 1

                                                                        I have had technicians logged into my computer and watched it happen many times. This issue has gone on way too long.

                                                                        • 34. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                          DirtyLowPull Level 1

                                                                          and exactly where is the switch in AME that can be helps in "deactivating MPE GPU acceleration" ...  2,000+ PP sequences since upgrading to 5.5 - so, so, so many AME failures.


                                                                          I notice that when AME does crash/freeze up that the only activity on any of the many many many adobe components is AME itself doing I/O other.  handles/memory remain constant.  How can we help get this solved?


                                                                          PP: AVCHD >> f4v/m2v/3gp - fails on random encodes.


                                                                          Multiple HD's involved.

                                                                          more than enough RAM

                                                                          more than enough freespace on scratch drives

                                                                          current NVidia drivers

                                                                          7 64


                                                                          • 35. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                                                            AME has no control for disabling GPU acceleration. The workaround is to switch to Software Only Acceleration in Premiere Pro (Project>Project Settings>General)


                                                                            Providing information as you've done is the first step toward isolating the cause of this issue. We'll probably be asking for more info as well as some diagnostic tests. I'll leave that to Nariman as he is spearheading the investigation.

                                                                            Thanks for your assistance in collecting info. When we are unable to repro a bug in-house, the co-operation of customers is essential.



                                                                            • 36. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                              Omar Cruz Level 1

                                                                              Hi, I've been out of this thread for a while but I too have problems with encoder still.

                                                                              I have been managing to encode in sort of cumbersome way.


                                                                              I should mention I'm on a mac and I'm not sure what the equivalent to my workaround is on a pc, but there must be something similar.


                                                                              See, normally I would send sequences to encoder through premiere. This is almost always a road into trouble.

                                                                              Then I realized that when I close all my adobe software and open up Activity Monitor there are still several adobe processes running.


                                                                              AdobeQT32 Server (several instances more often than not)



                                                                              CS5.5ServiceManager (Or something like that. I can't quite remember exactly.)

                                                                              The last two close with the apps usually but they have been known to linger so I include them.


                                                                              So now I close all apps and kill the remaining processes manually from the Activity Monitor and then open up encoder. From it's menu I choose Add Premiere Pro sequence,choose my project, my sequence and start the queue. So far. It's rendered everything I've thrown at it. Including troublesome sequences that bug out on me normally.


                                                                              On a side note. The software seems more responsive. when working this way. Meaning, everytime I'm about to switch from premiere to encoder or AE I close everything and kill the lingering processes and the apps seem lighter for it. Also a lot of times there will be several AdobeQT32 Servers instances running but only one doing any kind of work. Closing the loittering one seems to improve performance. Mind you I've no idea what AdobeQT32 Server instances do (I'd imagine they work with quicktime files at 32bits) and/or whether or not it's a good thing to have multiple instances. I have seen up to three instances working simultaneously. All of them looking very busy. Especially on encoding so maybe it's useful. Bottom line, I'm no expert and anything I say should be taken as an amateurs opinion but it's been working for me and might be a starting point for debbuging the problem so I thought I'd share.


                                                                              I really do hope the problem is resolved soon. It has been a hiderance for a couple of months now and I really enjoy using the Adobe Creative Suite. I'd rather not have to switch.



                                                                              • 37. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                                Paul_Duffey Level 1

                                                                                I decided to do a post on here. I own sudosonic.com which is a tutorial company. One of my recent projects is 44 clips totaling over 4 hours on blu-ray. I was running into the same problem, rendering 22 of the seqs in a nested master seq, and even trying to render all those seq individually. I'd watch the performance on my windows task manager and the CPU USage would take a dive from 80% to 2%(idle). No warnings or errors in AME. I started queing one of the small seqs at a time and it would render it out, 2 or 3 in the queue even. Sometimes 3 or 4 would make it stop. ..why I dont know. I'm running a i7 980, 24gigs ram, gtx 580, all current updates.


                                                                                By the way this error I'm assuming is what makes it look like encore is messing up too when you do a dynamic link. So thats why even I started rendering these out individually. You gotta drop in your seq to a master where they'll be nested and then tweak your render presets. I wound up doing H.264 bluray with really low CBR, like 1 or 5mb. Then the output showed at 14G. Then I saved that as a preset and used that same preset to render the clips individually, import them individually into Encore, it rendered an ISO in like 30 mins.


                                                                                I know everybody doesn't have 4-10 min clips like I do, but then again they probably don't have picture in picture full hd or titles all the way through. I'm guessing it's the software that can't handle the memory management.


                                                                                Hope this helps.



                                                                                • 38. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                                  Neverends Productions Level 1

                                                                                  I don't understand the time it is taking to trouble shoot this problem. With Adobe technicians logged into my system they see it happening, so why do you need to create the problem in-house. I will give you my raw materials if that helps.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Media Encoder Stops Encoding with the New CS5.5
                                                                                    Paul_Duffey Level 1

                                                                                    Yeah I agree. Really as much as Premiere/Encore/AME costs, it should run smoothly with HD in any situation. I've done a little programming and lots of video editing in the last 10 years, and I think it has to do with the memory management architecture. Clearly when larger files and composites have to render there's some sort of issues going on with AME not being able to handle it.


                                                                                    I myself am a little upset that AME can't take more than 3 or 4 of my seqs in the queue at a time. That's the whole point of having AME in the first place is so you can load it up and render over night.

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