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    indesign cs5 can't export vector to flash using export to Flash CS5 Professional (FLA)?

    Tx_design3 Level 1

      After 3 hours of trying to search adobe's non functioning forums (it keeps giving me search results for all their products vs the forum I am in which is indesign and when I use the filter option it give me 0 results no matter what I enter) I think I'll just ask if anyone can answer this seemingly simple question.


      When using indesign cs5 export to Flash CS5 Professional (FLA) are the vectors always converted to png or bitmap format instead of retaining the vector formatting? If so then I guess for simple animations if would make more sense to go from illustrator, or just switch the png's out in the fla.


      I really can't believe I can't find anything that says yes, it exports as a vector. All I find is a large number of vectors may cause a problem. Maybe the answer is somewhere in the forums, but since I can't search the forums, I have no idea.


      Thanks for the help.

      Laura (aka frustrated Adobe Forum user)