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      We detected a severe bug in the latest flash player ( running a customers commercial flash 6 application. This AS1 application uses shared libraries and loadMovie calls. It has been running for more than 100,000 users/year problem free since the release of flash player 6/7 until yesterday. The flash player unloads all content at specific points resulting in a empty (black) screen. You can call it a crash. There seems to be bugs in the execution of gotoAndPlay() and gotoAndStop() and in the management routines of shared libraries because we could avoid the black screen crash by commenting out the goto handlers or unbinding linked items from shared libraries.


      Our testing configruations:


      Win XP, IE8, FF5
      Win 7, IE9, FF5
      Mac OS 10.6, FF5
      Mac OS 10.7, FF5


      Under Mac OS 10.7 there is a freezed screen instead of a black screen, but the player context menu tells us that there is no movie loaded like in Windows testing configuration.
      In all environments the black screen doesn't occur on later player version than


      Please fix these bugs or give us informations about a workaround for the "black screen effect" in flash player or rather a statement.