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    Getting data from context into Popup (Cairngorm 3 + Parsley)

    Anthony.R Level 2



      I am having difficulty accessing a shared object form a PopUp that is part of a module.


      In my module I have the following defined in my module's context.




      In one PM I have the following...


      public var selectedCustomer:CustomerDetail;


      This PM also sets the value of selectedCustomer;


      The view for this PM also has a PopUp defined...


          <popup:PopUpWrapper open="{model.showCustomerDetailsDialog}"
                              center="true" modal="true">
                  <popup:AddPopUpToParsleyContext context="{context}"/>


      And in the PM for the PopUp I have...


              public var customer:CustomerDetail;


      When I look at this customer object in PopUp PM it is always null.  Another object that is defined in the parent shell applicaiton's context however is not null.  Th eonly way i can seem to set the customer object in the PopUp PM is to explicitly set it during the opening event in the PM that launches the PopUp.


      Has anyone seen this behaviour?  Does anyone have a sample of using Popups with Cairngorm + Parsley and modules?