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    Trial period has expired...

      1. Downloaded the trial couple of minutes ago.
      2. Installed it in FB4.
      3. Selected new Creative Suite Extension Project
      4. Receive "Trial expired" dialog


      What to do?


      Besides... I used the direct download link.




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          lomorgan Adobe Employee

          Hi Wolf,


          Were you connected to the internet when you ran the new project wizard? Are you behind a firewall? Extension Builder will check the trial status online, so it needs to have an internet connection when you first run it, and after that once a week or so.


          Please try using extension builder again - that should re-trigger a check against our trial servers.





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            wrauch Level 1

            Hi Louis,


            Thank you!

            I will check my firewall. Usually there are notifications when new Software requires connection, but maybe it's different here...




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              Do you have the URL that Extension Builder is trying to reach?

              I get the same error.

              Im behind a firewall and my admin tells me that there's no traffic when I run FB or try to create a new project.




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                pyskoluk Level 1

                Hi there,

                unfortunately I want to run it behind firewall in our company network. That's why it always says Trial period expired.  What happend if I buy CS Extension builder? Would it still need that network check? I am affraid I can't do anything with our firewall. :-(