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    Structural markup the right way?

    man at work


      I´m just starting out with Html5 and find it very exciting!

      I´ve seen some tutorials and read some on the subject

      but it is still hard to find a standardized way of doing things.

      I made a structure test at http://www.mainland.se/html5/

      and would be happy if anyone could give me feedback about the use of the structural tags in Html5.

      This is what I did:

      I packed the page in a wrapper DIV as usual.

      Them added a <header> with title and a nested <nav> with a title.

      Them I used a <section> with a title and an  ID of "maincontent" to make it float as a left column.

      In the <section> I put two <article>regions with titles and an <aside> with a title as well.

      After that I used an <aside>with a title and the ID of "sidebar" to make it float right as a sidebar.

      Finally I added <footer> with a title and a nested <address> tag.

      What do you think, can this be used as a basic layout?

      / Man at Work