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    Trouble with Viewer Builder 1.4

    Christophe_Quinzoni Community Member



      Does anybody still works with Content Bundler and Viewer Builder (Drop11 tools)?


      I made a folio file with Content Bundler (Beta v0.2.8.16953) and InDesign CS5.

      Now I try to create my *.ipa and *.zip files through Viewer Builder (v1.4).


      Everything seems to work fine till I try to download the *.ipa and *.zip files.

      After a few minutes, an error message appears: "Viewer Builder error, connection failed".


      However, two (parts of) files are downloaded, 2,3 Mo each, and nothing to do with them.


      My first try was on last friday, trouble remains today.

      I tried today using different folio files, same results...


      Anybody to answer?


      Thanks a lot.