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    Atfer Effects Export video huge file size but setting are the same as source video.


      Sorry if this is in the wrong place its my first post.


      I have a .avi file from my camera that is 640x480, 30 fps, millions of colors, no compression, 11.024 kHs/8 bit/mono, and the file is 1.5GB. I brought it in to After Effects CS3 just to clip the ends and do a bit of color correction. but now when im exporting it as an avi the file ends up being over 20GB. my setting are as far as i can exactly the same 640x480, same frame rate, color, no compression, and same sound.


      This is probable really basic stuff but can some one tell me how to export it so its the same quality as before and around the same file size, even twice the file size would be fine.