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    PrP obervations after effects heavy project

    lasvideo Level 4

      Well, as I wrap up this Motocross promo I have a better understanding of how PrP works. This piece had lots of everything...animated multiple split screens, AE flying cameras in "3D" environments. sizing, color correction, speed triggers and various combinations of the previous.    PrP seems to differ greatly from FCP in the way it previews then exports. The preview process was using MPG I frames so it was quick and the Nvidia 4000 did a lot of the work. But the "dirty secret" with PrP seems to be how long it takes to export things at full resolution (Prores master in this case). My promo was 1 minute and it took about 8 minutes to export it. My system is optimized and on simple cuts only projects flys when exporting. But it seems with effects pieces the time you save on the front end (previewing as you create) is compensated with long export times. I am OK with this, but had my first taste of the "long export" situation that others have mentioned in posts on forums.