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    Old Photoshop 5.5 on Windows 7



      I have old Photoshop upgraded to 5.5, which is fine for my needs, I still have original disks and serial number.  My new laptop is Windows 7 and when I tried to install from disks there is no response, and a suggestion given was that I copy the files to C drive and run, but when I tried to run setup file in Photoshop folder from C drive, the message is 'the file version is incompatible with this version of Windows, refer to software manufacturer'.  Has anyone managed to install 5.5 on Win 7?  I'm not a teccie but I can follow instructions.  Cheers, Maggie

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          Have had another go at installing as had fish for supper last night, brain food. The problem was upgraded Photoshop 5.5 would not install on Windows 7. So, instead of trying to install original Phshop disk, which always produced a null response on setup, I installed the upgraded disk instead. I browsed the CD contents for setup (ie. not Autoplay setup) on the upgrade disk, and for the first time, had a response. Message said it couldn’t proceed without Photoshop being verified as already installed which of course I haven’t been able to do. But the last option allows you to choose PhShop ‘Media’ so I clicked on this option as the means of verification. Message came up saying I could replace this upgrade disk in order to verify that this was a legitimate install – so I stuck in the original disk again – and it was able to read and verify! So I then removed original disk and re-inserted the upgrade disk, THEN pressed OK and was able to proceed to install, and put in serial number etc. The software does seem to be working. Cheers, Maggie