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    Removing white borders????


      My girlfriend did something to her Lightroom so that now all her pictures have white borders on them when output to jpg. In lightroom, they don't have borders on them. Only in the output jpg. Also when she prints it has the border. How does she turn that off?  I have the same program on my PC and it's not doing that mess.

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          It sounds like she might be Printing to a jpg instead of Exporting to one. Just a guess, based on very little information.


          What version of LR is she using? What operating system?


          How is she exporting? How is she printing?


          This would probably work better if she were come to the forum herself.



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            Madwand6 Level 1

            It's 2.7. She was trying to print to a jpg which makes no sense to me but that's how she was taught in a stupid online LR class she took, so I can't tell her any different.  She didn't make this post either, cause she doesn't do anything I tell her, so I hadda do it so she'd quit yappin about it.


            She finally did try exporting, but then all her jpgs came out the size of a postage stamp.  So we were getting nowhere.  Then she scrolled down and found she had set resize to fit at some time in that stupid class.  Now it works.  I think the question didn't have an answer because she was doing it wrong.  Or maybe that was the answer.  Thanks.