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    Why can't Premiere 5.5 keep itself running without crashing?


      Hello all...


      Just spent $8,000 on a new editing machine, Matrox MX02LE, and Production Premium 5.5. The machine is an HP Z600 with dual 2.4 six-core processors and 16GB of RAM. I am running Win 7 Pro in 64-bit mode.


      This seems like it should powerful enough to run Premiere Pro, but I can't even preview captured files for more than a few minutes without Premiere freezing and crashing. Even if I just leave the machine alone and let it try to generate peak files, it freezes completely, requiring me to unplug the computer to restart it.


      Why the heck can't Premiere work for such simple tasks? The CS3 I was running before on a six year old editing station was far more powerful than this. What gives?


      The minmum system requirements say a dual core processor and 4GB of RAM, but what are the REAL requirements. If dual six cores and 16GB isn't enough, how much money do you have to spend just to get the basics of being able to preview the files that Premiere itself captured.

      I can't find help anywhere and I am feeling very helpless. Is there any way to make this stuff work?