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    Extension manager extremely slow!


      CS 5.5 Mac OSX Lion 16GB i7 300GB SSD


      When updating or removing extensions EM 5.5 is sometimes extremely slow! Unbearably slow! It takes up to 20 minutes (!) to remove or update a simple extension - no matter if this is an extension from Webassist or Extendstudio. Adobe Software is soo expensive but during the last years there are not enough necessary updates. I pay hundreds of Euros each year and still getting this buggy-weekend-afternoon-stealing-crappy-software. I'm so frustrated!


      Any clues what I can do?

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          Xiaoyi Tong Adobe Employee

          Does this issue exist on some certain extensions, or all extensions on your mac? If only on some extensions, can you paste the information of your extensions here( such as extension name, author, content of its mxi file, ...  ) so that we can check what happened? BTW, if you have log files, you can also attach them.

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            anbucco Level 1

            It happens with extensions from Webassist and ExtendStudio as well. Sorry I don't have any log files since I restored my Mac from TimeMachine today ;-)

            I had this problem also with CS5.


            I'll be back in two weeks and then try to repat everything in order to create a useful log file. Thx so far!

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              I have the same problem with extensions from both Webassist and ExtendStudio.

              I am talking 15 minutes plus waiting for FlexiCSSLayouts and still waiting at this time to complete loading into Extension Manager CS5.5.



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                Carl Sun Level 4

                The reason is that the extension developer specifies shared="true" for all of files (more than 600 files) in mxi file, which causes Extension Manager do many checks to find each file is shared with which installed extensions so as to avoid improper overwrite/delete. This performance issue becomes worse when you installed multiple such kind of extensions. We have optimized the processing in Extension Manager CS6. The extension developer didn't realize the side effect of this attribute and overused it. Please communicate with the developer to suggest him/her to remove this attribute unless necessary. Thanks.