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    Beginner product selection question


      My first post here ... I apologize if I have the wrong forum or didn't see this question in a FAQ.   I am on the verge of purchasing Premiere Pro.   My video editing needs are relatively simple as I am a consumer who just makes home/family movies and music videos with footage from a bicycle helmet cam.  Unfortunately, the video editor that I have used for the last ten years does a terrible job of rendering HD.  Since I will be taking on a learning curve I want to go with Premiere vs. another consumer level product.


      An individual I know suggested the Creative Suite Production Premium bundle, but in analyzing the components my instincts tell me I don't need the suite.  I do not do still photography, web development, graphics development, or publishing.   However, I did notice the suite contains After Effects and Audition.   What I don't know is whether those two products are highly worthy for a consumer or are they really for far more advanced tasks and Premiere contains plenty of built in capability here.


      Regarding audio, I do include music tracks that sometimes overlap slightly; make volume adjustments up and down during a clip, etc.  Pretty simple stuff really.   I use very few special effects in my movies, although perhaps if I knew more about them I would do more.   Color and lighting correction, slow motion, and anti-camera shake would be useful.   I'm guessing Premiere includes facitilies for these basic things, but then maybe not.