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    Upgrade Path from TCS2 to TCS 3.5

    terribletowel Level 1

      Will this work?  It seems like it should, considering there is just a one version step to RH (8 to 9) and FM (9 to 10) but figured I would ask if anyone has tried this yet.


      Does anyone know if TCS 3.x solves the poor image smoothing (or lack of it) when importing and linking images from FM ro RH?  If the feature for image smoothing is in acrobat then it should be in TCS (but what should be is not always the case of course).



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          Maike Roder Level 1



          it's possible to upgrade TCS 2 to TCS 3.5.


          Following Releases/Builds are part of TCS 3.5:
          Photoshop CS 5.1 = 12.1
          Captivate CS 5.5 =
          Bridge CS 5.1 =
          FrameMaker 10 =
          RoboHelp 9 =
          Device Central CS 5.5 =
          Extension Manager CS 5.5 = 5.5.163
          ExtendScript Toolkit CS 5.5 =


          Smoothing poor images? Could you give some more detailed information?


          - Maike

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            terribletowel Level 1

            Hi Maike, thanks for your reply.  Image smoothing is a term to describe how the image is handled by an application.  For example, when you place an image into FrameMaker, it does not look "smooth"  Regardless of DPI and size, FM does not have the display properties to make the image show up clearly.  However, when a PDF is created from the FM doc, the image is smoothed using distiller so the image shows up clearly in print and PDF format.  There is a distinct process the image goes through in distiller to make this happen.


            For the TCS it was assumed FM to RoboHelp conversion (whether linked or imported) would have the same capability but it does not.  This is a well known problem, reported on this forum and hard to miss if you use TCS (I do not have those forum thread links handy).  In fact, an Adobe developper or proudct manager blogged a solution (again a link I do not have handy) that is ridiculously complex and impractical to implement.  Furthermore, the RH options at project settings-->import-->edit conversion settings of FM docs-->images do nothing whatsoever to improve image quality.


            Wihout a quality mechanism for linking and importing imnages from FM to RH authors need to manually drop in their graphics to RH.  This defeats the purpose of a single source solution.  Why not use the same adobe technology that distiller uses?


            I am hoping someone knows what I am referring to and can tell me if this issue has been addressed in TCS 3.5.



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              RoboAsh Level 2

              Hi terribletowel,

                   to start with can you please elaborate are your FrameMaker images is referenced or embeded and what are formats of images you are using in your FrameMaker source.


              and to the last part " Why not use the same adobe technology that distiller uses" -- In TCS 3 and even in TCS 3.5 we do get an option to convert the images through distiller route (see Conversion setting dialog) and the images converted thorough this option are of far better quality as compared to images generated with older version of TCS!


              moreover many of the image related issues earlier have been addressed in TCS 3 (RoboiHelp 9) so you need not follow up on blogs for solution but its a good idea to keep in mind the recommendations as suggested in blog for your ease I am copying down the urls of the related blogs


              http://blogs.adobe.com/techcomm/2009/10/preparing_anchored_frame_for_conversion_in_robohel p.html


              http://blogs.adobe.com/techcomm/2011/06/troubleshooting-framemaker-content-conversion-in-r obohelp-%E2%80%93-part-2images.html


              but still would like to answer any other specific query you have



              Thanks & Regards