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    CP Patch

    Mr. Zogg

      Anyone else having difficulties after installing this update? Captivate is now crashing my whole system rather than just freezing up whenever you look sideways at it or open Photoshop.



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          Vikranth p vivek

          Hi Zogg,


          Shall we have a connect session any time today? Let me know when you would be available. You can e-mail me at vikranth@adobe.com




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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            I am having the same issue. Captivate shows in the get info that it has been upgraded, but the update manager reports the error has failed. I have uninstalled and re-installed.

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Error  code: Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7

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                pra mmartin Level 1

                I unsuccessfully tried to update Captivate using the downlaodable patch from the "Updates" page (Our company firewall blocks automatic Adobe updates so we must all manually download every Adobe patch). The patch install program retuned the following error - Error  code: Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7 I attempted to launch Captivate but the application failed to launch.  It returned the following error - "This application has failed to start because CPProjectNSlides.dll was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

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                  MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  I have same error code but cant launch the application. I uninstalled and re-installed with no change in error message, but the application launches fine.

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                    RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I also had this error message when I tried installing the patch.  When I looked it up on the net it said it was an error that some other Adobe apps also showed when being upgraded if the version of Flash player on your machine was later than the version contained in the upgrade.  Since I had just upgraded to Flash 10.3 a day or so before, I thought it might have something to do with that.


                    Depending on the Adobe app in question, my research said that if everything seemed to work OK. and your app was indeed upgraded to the latest patch version, then you could safely ignore the error.

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                      Missteach Level 1

                      I'm confused by this 5.02 patch.  I've run the Adobe updater and installed the patch at least 5 times.  At the end of the update, I'm informed it has been successful.  Yet, the next time I check to see if there are updates available, I'm told there is a Captivate 5.02 patch available.  So, I run it again and get a message to say it's installed.  And, then ....  well, you know what I'm going to say.


                      I've just tried it again and installed a FACEBOOK issue patch for PP / EN / AE / BR / CAPTIVATE and other related progs that the Adobe Updater flagged up.  All installed without problem ( I get a message to state this) - yet, a reboot later, I'm told there s a patch (5.02) for Captivate.  What on earth is going on?


                      Oddly, when I run Captivate, the splash informs me it is running 5.02!!!!


                      Very confusing.

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                        vishhere Level 3

                        Hello There,


                        Can you re-install Captivate and then try to update it? If you are not successful, please mail me at viswanat@adobe.com and we will investigate further.




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                          pra mmartin Level 1



                          I eventually successfully installed the Captivate 5 update.  To do so, I :


                          - Uninstalled Master Collection 5.5

                          - Reinstalled Captivate 5

                          - Installed the Captivate 5 patch

                          - Reinstalled Master Collection 5.5


                          I tried to install the patch using several other processes but encountered patch installation errors until I removed Master Collection 5.5



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                            Missteach Level 1

                            Nightmare.  It seems we have that in common.  I have the Master Collection installed CS5 (not CS5.5).  I've certainly not got time to uninstall the whole master collection and Captivate - then reinstall.  Can Adobe try this to see if they can reproduce the error?  And then provide a new patch?

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                              Missteach Level 1

                              It's just occured to me that it might be a CS5.5 issue because I am running a trial of Premiere Pro CS5.5.  It has a couple of days left to run.  When it expires, I'll uninstall it and see if I can update Captivate successfully with only the CS5 Master Suite installed.

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                                Dieter Blancquaert

                                My colleages and I have that same issue.


                                We also patched at least 4 times.


                                Very disturbing.

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                                  Missteach Level 1

                                  I uninstalled PPCS5.5 trial yesterday and tried the Adobe Updater.  It has told me 3 times this morning that the Captivate patch is available.  I've run the install each time and yet it still reports it's still available!

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                                    David Ben

                                    Im having the same issue.  I have two computers running Captivate CS5. and i apply the patch but the update manager keeps saying i need to update.  One computer has CS5 software installed the other has CS5.5 software installed-- so im having the issue with both.

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                                      Same issue here - I have Master Collection CS5 and CS5.5 installed as well as the remaining components not in MC CS5 from the eLearning Suite 2.0, and the same Captivate patch keeps coming up in the updater no matter how many times the patch is installed successfully...  This has been going on for about a month or so now - it seems like Adobe could fix this issue in the updater and patch itself...  From what it sounds like this may be a situation of multiple products being installed on the same machine (to allow for backward compatibility - I use older versions to save to backwards versions where I need to for clients, as well as keeping the recent version on-system in case of severe problems with the newest version of the software, which has happened in the past with various components).  It has irked me that Adobe does not yet have an all-encompassing product incorporating the components of the MC and the eLearning Studio in one, but requires both even though there are numerous common components...

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                                        Missteach Level 1

                                        I'm still leaning towards what I said earlier.  I think it's a subtle ploy to make us buy the upgrade!

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                                          ReactionAtWork Level 1

                                          I am using Design Premium. IIRC, several weeks ago I kept getting repeated offerings of a Captivate 5.0.2 update throught the automatic Adobe Updater. After 3,4,5 (I lost count) repeated offerings, it stopped appearing. Now, perhaps a month later (at the end of August) it pops up again. I allow it to install and afterwards check the installed version of Captivate: it's The next day I come into work, start my PC, and there it is again!  The update has never crashed my PC, but it just won't go away.


                                          ADOBE: This disastrous update is making you look very stupid. Please fix the mess, or just pull this update from your servers, or whatever you need to do to make it go away and stop annoying your users.

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                                            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            Hi there


                                            I see you addressed something here to Adobe. While the engineering team members to look in here from time to time it's wrong to assume that they are always watching the forums and will actually see what you wrote. If you seriously want Adobe to see it, you must broadcast on the channel they are tuned into and listening to. That channel is called the Wish Form/Bug Report and the link to that is in my sig.


                                            Cheers... Rick



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                                            Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form

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                                              ReactionAtWork Level 1

                                              I have used the feature request / bug report form before, but the thing is (and I'm not sure Adobe recognise this) is that people want to know that Adobe has confirmed the bug and is doing something about it - rather than complete silence. A quick confirmation on a thread such as this will let anyone else with the same problem feel happy that the problem is already being attended to. I use open source software where the developers usually respond in hours or days confirming a bug, with the fix being released in days or weeks; now that's real customer service.


                                              At least on this occasion I won't need to bother raising a bug report since I'm sure you will tell the relevant guys, especially as this bug must be annoying thousands of customers.

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                                                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Well, here's the thing.


                                                The form serves two purposes. Feature Request or Bug Report. Naturally Adobe simply cannot acknowledge each and every post that comes in. I get that. And in the Open Source world, developers don't have all the red tape associated with things in the corporate world. So I can easily see where an open source developer would likely have more exposure than a corporate developer. They are doing things out of love for the product while the corporate developers are doing it for a paycheck. But I digress...


                                                As I understand it, the Wish/Bug form works like a voting system. This means the more reports they receive about a certain issue, the higher it will be placed on a priority fix as more folks are reporting it. Sure, I'm a Community Professional and I can report it as well and sometimes folks believe that because of the designation that Adobe listens more to us. But the fact is, we are but one voice when it comes to this stuff. Nothing speaks louder to Adobe than for hordes of folks to report the same issue via the Wish/Bug form.


                                                Cheers... Rick


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                                                Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form

                                                Adobe Certified Captivate Training

                                                SorcerStone Blog

                                                Captivate eBooks

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                                                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  I echo Rick's explanation.  If you want something changed in Captivate, the more people that put their hand up (via the wish/bug form) and ask for it, the more likely something will happen.


                                                  If you were Adobe, how would you know that "thousands of people" wanted something unless at least a reasonable number of them vocalised this request via the appropriate channel?

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                                                    ReactionAtWork Level 1

                                                    I take your point, but perhaps Adobe should make more effort to pro-actively monitor the two primary places where thousands of people come to find help:


                                                    * The in-application F1 web help system, where people can also make comments.

                                                    * These web forums.


                                                    In both places, if a user politely and concisely explains a bug, they are told to go somewhere else and report it all over again. Isn't a single person at Adobe assigned to monitor just the very 'hottest' forum threads to see why so many people might be commenting about the same issue? That person could then post a reassuring 'officially' badged response from Adobe saying that the problem is being investigated, and then raise a single (properly detailed) internal bug report to the developers (saving their time too!).


                                                    Incidentally, I did raise this particular issue as a bug, and the reply says: "Sorry to see you face this problem. This is a bug in the updater. For the moment you can open up Adobe Application Updater using menu Help->Updates..., go to preferences and turn off updates for Adobe Captivate 5."

                                                    Now if only that imaginary 'official' Adobe Forum Monitor could have posted that response here, it would have:


                                                    a) Given me an instant solution.

                                                    b) Saved me writing my own comments (in my misguided belief it might be helping Adobe clarify the problem).

                                                    c) Saved me raising a bug report for a problem which Adobe would evidently be aware of, due to their 'official' confirmation post.

                                                    d) Made me a delighted customer.

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                                                      RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      We often get this response from Captivate users that don't fully realise this is just an ordinary user forum, and not directly connected with Adobe product support at all.


                                                      To their credit, Adobe maintain pretty much a hands-off approach to this forum.  People can come here and vocalise their like or dislike for Adobe's products and Adobe will leave it up to the (non-Adobe) moderators and other forum users to respond.  Occasionally, someone from Adobe will chime in, but most of the time they just watch from a safe distance.


                                                      I think one of the reasons they like people filling out their own bug reports or enhancement requests is that there are a wide number of variables that can affect the underlying causes of issues (hardware makes/models, software OSs, other applications or versions of apps on the same machine, driver versions, etc, etc).  So getting someone to fill out their own bug report enables a lot of this data to be gathered in a systematic fashion, which would NOT happen if someone inside Adobe just filled out their own generic bug report.


                                                      When experiencing an issue, EVERYONE wants an instant solution.  But even though we'll readily offer an instant solution if we know of one, the reality is that for some issues there just is no fix at the moment. So although it DOES mean more work for you to fill out the bug report, it's the best way to get results in the long run.

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                                                        Henry Chappell

                                                        I have also had problems with the patch. Is there a simple way to roll back the patch?