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    Problems with sample.helloworld

    apruneda Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am testing "sample.world" sample from the SDK for Adobe Drive I am following the steps in the SDK in the chapter "Running your project from Eclipse" and everything seems to be ok until point 11, when I launch the Adobe Drive 2.1 application. The SDK doc says "Select "Add Drive" and "Connect to server manually", but I don´t have "Connect to server manually" option and all i can do is select between Version Cue connector and CMIS connector and when I insert "helloworld://adobe.com" as server URL, Adobe Drive complaints saying that the URL inserted is not compatible with the Version Cue/CMIS connector.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Lee Hui Level 2

          "Connect to server manually" will not occur every time. Adobe Drive shows this message to indicate user that it can't detect the server's status now due to network issue. Usually, you can ignore it.


          To input 'helloworld://adobe.com' as server URL, you need to select helloworld connector. But as you mentioned that you just can select between Version Cue connector and CMIS connector, it indicates your sample -- helloworld connector doesn't work correctly. I suggest that you check the run configuration in eclipse, make sure that helloworld bundle is checked.

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            apruneda Level 1

            Thanks  Lee,


            I will check it.

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              I recently downloaded the Adobe Drive 3 SDK and am having the same problem as the original poster with both sample apps (basicftp and helloworld).  I am definitely checking the bundles in the run configuration.  In the console, if I type 'ss' I see both of the samples listed as ACTIVE.


              I tried typing 'csstat' but that does not seem to be a recognized command.


              When I launch Adobe Drive 3.01 I only see the two out-of-the-box connectors (DAM and CMIS).


              If I do a proper release build and export to the CS5ServiceManager directory, they do show up in Adobe Drive.  However, I really need to be able to run from within Eclipse to properly debug.


              I've followed the troubleshooting steps and killed the CS5 and Adobe drive processes using Activity Manager (I'm on a Mac OS 10.7 Lion) and also deleted the 'data' folder, rebooted, no luck.


              Please help or suggest something else to try.  Thanks!

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                Lee Hui Level 2

                If you can't use 'csstat' command, it means Adobe Drive Services don't start correctly. Usually, it's caused by incorrect configuration of Eclipse environment. Please use 32 bit version(JDK and Eclipse) and reset up eclipse development environment according to Adobe Drive SDK.